Stupid Musings #23
Graham Anderson

Are you High? In fact, before 1948, Israel was just a mention in a book… ISRAEL never had lands, no resources, nothing. It was, in fact, Brittan whom in the midst of closing out the war, wanted to relocate the Jewish people to their own territories as to prevent any “flash fires from smoldering embers.” And regardless of what one might think, that is in no way, shape or form, a pun. Even looking back into that novel billions of people take as the word of a Magician in the Sky, if the books has maps(like many do) you will infact SEE Palestine as its own country… Thousands of supposed years ago… Israel is in fact, on indigenous Palestinian land. THAT is why the indigenous people of Palestine are so adamant about fighting… Would you allow a family of strangers to move into your house, forcing you on the street by way of force? Or would you go complacent, and start planning your retaliation? Or would you just stand there and unload clips into anything that isn’t your family member???

THAT… is what Palestinians are doing. In no way, shape, or form are Palestinians terrorists. They utilize what they have at their disposals to try to get the filthy squatters out of their home… Or at least get some of it back…

Looking at the actual, cold hard, unbiased facts… I cannot understand why ANYONE besides Isreali born people, supports such a tyrannical and morally evil killing machines like the IDF and Israel’s Russian-looking leader. Targeting schools, hospitals, mosques, families, quiet literally anything with a pulse and so much as a rock in their hands… Crimes that cannot go overlooked any longer, and the reason I gave up years of my life in prison to start an an Op that is still getting hash-tags and follows and attacks to this day… Because the world was too caught up in unimportant materialistic bouts that are prescribed to us, as if by a doctor, to be obsessed with and to constantly think and talk about. I believe at this time in society, we were arguing about who can use what fu**ing bathroom… It never ceases to amaze me about all the straight up idiotic shit the American and Western Societies gravitate towards and assign importance over other, worldly emergencies. That is why we will always need Hacktavists… Because no one else can do shit or will lift their heads from their screens, so we have(had) to… And will always…

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