Why you shouldn’t unlock your phone with your face
Quincy Larson

****** Long Read — Only for those wanting to hear the truth. Unbiased, and only using facts as they have been revealed since 2013. ******

Not to mention once the seed files are dumped from a Bio-Server, you are forever screwed. Just like what happened to RSA…

Not to mention, you wave your 5th Amendment rights by using biometrics and thus will be FORCED by law enforcement/Govt. to unlock it. Biometrics takes zero cognition, where as entering a passphrase does. So you cannot be compelled under the constitutional law, to give up your password. However, like blood draws for DUI’s… There is no thinking involved… This alone should be enough to dissuade anyone with half an intellect.

Also.. When will iPhone users get sick and tired of getting years old tech repackaged, and repriced, furthermore lying to its customers during its unveiling stating it is “all new technology.” I had facial recognition on Android Lollipop…

Apple is the worst at presenting this “new”(to its users) tech as something that will save you time and keep you most secure… When all they are doing is furthering their social engineering project that HAS BEEN PROVEN by way of cooperation with the NSA(and leaking of said files proving it)… Apple on the cusp of bankruptcy, a sick CEO, and his hail mary soul signing in return for the specs for the worlds most expensive tracking device with “apps” aka back-doors, that tap by tap easily gets you to relinquish your privacy and rights in order to see what your Ex fixed for dinner… Jobs never coded. He was not an engineer. This is from the mouth of Woz himself. So you can take that to the bank. What he WAS good at was sugar-coating the bullshit, and presenting something that made the most frugal of us come out thousands of dollars for. No non-engineer is going to just “come up” with a device that can do everything the Government has been spending years upon years to perfect. The NSA just needed a good pawn. And they found that in a dying company with a dying CEO. And then to make a new product, all they did was reverse Android tech, and change the damn size of the devices. I honestly do not understand how someone, knowing this, could still use their products. They tout privacy and civil-rights stealing and bypassing hardware as the “new. hot thing” to get people to use, and subsequently go into debt(some do, actually) just to obtain. And it isn’t just the iPhone from Apple. It is literally every one of their devices. Investigating further into the clusterf**k, one will also notice trend that Apple started the SAME TIME they on-boarded the NSA, the inability to ever turn one of their devices off…

That is correct.. THE SAME TIME as this company-saving device was “birthed” by someone with less than ample skill to engineer it, Apple pulled removable batteries from EVERY SINGLE product they offered that was portable. The MB and MBP went from front-loading DVD and removable battery, to the current “Uni-Body.” Why else would one need to prevent an owner of a device from shutting it completely off? I even captured live packets from a TimeCapsule that was TOTALLY UNPLUGGED… It was still broadcasting its SSID.

And as we can see from recent history, Apple jettisoned to the top, where they are again, on another decline. Hopefully this time, they will roll over and cease to exist. They have done enough irreversable damage to society. Their metoric rise made them Trend Setters.. Every mfg, in the beginning, wanted to be the “iPhone Killer.” A term lost in the same history as Mark McGuire hitting all those homers drug-free… The fancy commercials, the celebs utilizing the tech, and the shells disguised as promises from Apple saying that they have your rights in mind… Well… Wrong again. They didn’t freely and openly work with the FBI, and was able to take the stance they did because their big brother, the NSA, was on the sideline. And just like the Military Branches, there is no inter-agency friendship. So technically they did stand up to the FBI, but with a much bigger brother to do the real fighting… And who do you think they paid $1.5 million to, to unlock the worthless 5C? None other than a contractor to the NSA with the knowledge and certificates necessary to do so…Come to think of it, and how SSD technology works.. They could of went ahead and let it format, and just preformed a data recovery. But instead, they went to server signing of firmware, enabling SHSH blobs, which if obtained, will permit anyone with the blobs to restore a non-signed firmware to the device. Around this time, they also opened up the Dev program which enables programmers to pay for their own signing certificates which enables users to create solutions for the device, and further, create exploits.

All the above and more is why I am currently working on developing a blockchain solution that not only totally gets rid of passwords, but I am working on getting rid of cell numbers and cell service as a whole, as it is riddled with vulnerabilities that enables anyone to intercept anything using cell service. Unlike the implementation, the concept is mega-simple. Without dumping any IP, I will say this… It is a global blockchain that acts like an extension to your DNA, technically speaking. Hell, the blockchain, when visualized, even LOOKS like dna… So why not? But it will be a solution that not only keeps YOU and ONLY YOU logged in at all times you want, and not want. You never have a password to remember. You never have an account that can be hacked. Your participation in the chain, and thus Society, all depends on the authentication of you by your immediate neighbors at any time. This has been the hardest part to conceptualize.. But it is possible! TOTALLY! But here’s the kicker..Not only will it take care of user authentication and verification… But literally ANY connected device — IOT or otherwise, will build off of the SociDNA(They have to in order to be authentication solutions) and become instantly secure and impenetrable. And what else? It prevents any government or organization from forcing you to do anything you don’t want to, or feel obligated to do.

How ‘bout them apples?

*Drops mike*

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