Geek Fandom Needs a Reboot
Ashley J Cooper

In a lot of ways I think this is the worst impact of being bullied as a kid; it robs many people of their ability to see any conflict through a lens other than someone bullying them.

Any time someone ‘makes them feel bad’ either by offering a valid criticism of something they like, or by trying to make something different (more inclusive or open-minded) than it currently is, it’s interpreted, almost viscerally, as an act of bullying.

It’s just so depressing when you see adult (usually) men (usually) in their 20s or older, literally trying to destroy people for having opinions they don’t like, or for enjoying something that involves ‘changing’ the canon of a comic book / tv show / game.

Thanks for writing this. You nailed it — getting through childhood mockery / bullying was the easy part. Not being shitty when you’re winning, that requires work.

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