A Toast Masters icebreaker journey.

I joined Toast Masters on a mission; Leverage my enjoyment of public speaking, but focus on building the tools of motivating and inspiring storytelling to support in setting direction and vision for my team and the products we manage.

I selected the Toast Masters pathway; Leadership Development. A pathway designed to help you build your skills as an effective communicator and leader.

My Icebreaker, a new Toast Masters first speech, centred on my love for and memories of food.

Imagine you’re tuning into Radio 4. It’s Sunday, and a show is starting where celebrities are cast away with their favourite music in tow. …

In 2019 I decided I needed a new challenge. So I left a career of 6+ years built across the Pharmaceutical and Consumer supply chains at GSK and moved to Gousto, one of Europes fastest-growing, independent companies.

But why move, what was the attraction? I’d experienced steady career progression at GSK, opportunities to work and live abroad, interesting supply chain challenges & a good group of high performing colleagues.

It all came down to the attraction & opportunity to build a physical product with advanced digital capabilities, alongside world-class engineers, data scientists, product managers & designers.


Jon David Carman

Senior Product Manager. Supply Chain thinker. Food lover.

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