VLOG NO. 3. — Detroit, The French Kiss

What I learned making my 3rd VLOG using Final Cut Pro X 10.3

Create, Create, Create

Three weeks passed between my second and third VLOG. I had very few ideas and plenty of wasted time. Actually, my first video was so whack it just took me that long to convince myself that I should keep going. It wasn’t just technically whack (sound, cinematography, etc). It didn’t have a theme. No story line. No point! It was just me announcing that I was going to make some videos and that I didn’t want to call it a VLOG…but it’s a VLOG. So the lesson I learned is to force myself to create a ton of content and create as often as possible. I’ll get better!

No shame in being a copy cat!

Everyone wants to be “authentic.” Well, I authentically don’t know how to use Final Cut Pro. So, I have to learn it somehow and since I’m not about to go back to college I have to copy other YouTube creators until I’m good enough to create my own style. Recently I found this guy on YouTube named Ryan Nangle. He analyzes other people’s YouTube videos and then breaks down how to create their edits using Final Cut Pro.

Ryan actually has an interesting hustle. He creates downloadable project files that he sells on sellfy.com. It’s brilliant! Some are free. Others are pay-what-you want. Most are between three and five pounds (I assume he’s British). So I study his tutorials and even download his project files and try to use that same edit, style or technique in my next VLOG. It helps me learn how to manipulate Final Cut Pro in ways that I wouldn’t even consider if I were afraid to be a “Copy Cat”. I’m an old networker so of course I gave him a shout-out in my VLOG and even attached a link to his youtube page so my subscribers can look him up. If there is one lesson I’ve learned over and over again it’s that giving love brings back love a million times over. Thanks Ryan!

You’re Vlogging in public and nobody cares!

I noticed that people really don’t care if you’re vlogging in public. I see people looking but most people know what I’m doing and they don’t bother me. One guy intentially rode his bike in front of my camera and waved but it was cool. I took that liberty to ask him if I could ride his bike for my VLOG and he agreed.

I wasted a lot of time convincing myself to setup my shot. The nervous jitters were all in my own head and after I got over it things moved along pretty quickly. I also learned that just shooting a video without talking into the camera vlogging style is a lot easier. I’m walking around with a tripod some of the time so I can setup shots and that can be tricky. It’s still Detroit and walking away from your camera is a gamble so pay attention to your surroundings!

Post Everywhere!

I post my videos on every social media site I have. YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram and I even write a blog on medium about every VLOG I make and what I learned. I call it the bread crumb theory. The goal is to create as many pathways to my YouTube channel as possible so writing about it and posting the video here is just another way for me to build the channel. We’ll see if it works or not!

Here it is!

So, without further adeu! Here is VLOG №. 3 — We Almost Lost Detroit, The French Kiss