My 22nd blog post: Day 22 of #100DaysOfCode — #Chingu (#TeamVoyage) Day 45 of 55

“…Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.…” -Benjamin Franklin

Today I got a call from a marketing company and an email from another marketing company. I’m really excited I’ve got a interview tomorrow at one and I hear they have a high promotion rate for employees with a passion for the company and who strive to excel, and the other one is a work from home job which is always good. I plan on implementing what I have been learning on for the last few days about forms, inputs(required fields), buttons like submit and radio, and I even think I will be putting the finishing touches on my landing page so that I can move on to making more pages for the website(which would make me exuberant). I also linked almost all my social media account to each other(even my medium account),so it would be easier for you guys to find me. I’m gonna take it in early tonight I gotta get my 6 hours for this interview, pray for me, goodnight.

Today on I learned how to create a set of radio buttons. This will come in handy when you have a question where you only want a question to have one answer. It’s so easy to do it is actually fun.

Today on Chingu’s landing-page project I did not work on anything, Ever since I hosted the landing page to github pages I came to the realization that learning git is going to be a priority, so the chingu page may wait because before the next cohort starts I plan on knowing git and github like a pro, soon gone will be the days of asking embarrassing questions about git and github an finally I will add that tool to my arsenal and be able to help beginners surpass their own inquiries.

Thanks for reading, checkout today’s progress below😁. You can meet me and my team at I will write another post tomorrow ✌ ! ✌

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