My 23rd blog post: Day 23 of #100DaysOfCode — #Chingu (#TeamVoyage) Day 46 of 55

“…If “plan A” didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay cool!…”

Today I had a job interview for marketing job, I got accepted for the round two interview on Thursday where I am to follow an employee and see how the job is suppose to operate. I am also waiting to hear the details from the work at home job I’m expecting a call back tomorrow. Today the I got a email back from one of the digital marketing jobs I applied for which is pretty exciting. I’m starting my git training at I have a few more websites up my sleeve as well once I’m finished with that. You guys are watching my dream slowly take shape. Another website I will start tonight is the google adwords course so I can obtain my adwords certificate, after that is the analytics course, and the next step after that is the Udemy SEO course by Moz.

On I am learning how to create a set of checkboxes. This will come in handy if I have a question on a form that users are required to fill out that has more than one answer they are to choose. There’s so many uses tis can come in handy I don’t want to waste you time making a big list on how I’m going to implement this one!

Since I uploaded my Chingu landing page to github pages I have not been editing it’s github repo. It’s not because I dont want to… I really do the problem is I do not know how to use git adequately enough to feel comfortable editing the repo. In layman’s terms I don’t know if I’m updating it the right way or if I am just uploading new files on top of old files and creating a cluster ****😱 , when it feels like what I’m suppose to be doing is just updating the file that’s already there. so until I know I am doing it the right way I created a new repo to do my editing in(well it’s not a new repo its actually the old repo I started in).

Thanks for reading, checkout today’s progress below😁. You can meet me and my team at I will write another post tomorrow ✌ ! ✌
Chingu project: A landing page for Visit this page at

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