My 8th blog post: Day 8 of #100DaysOfCode — #Chingu (#TeamVoyage) Day 31 of 55

“…I can’t relate to lazy people. We don’t speak the same language. I don’t understand you. I don’t want to understand you…” -Kobe Bryant

Tonight’s study plan: Step #1: Turn off all distractions, practice learning material, and work on projects until eyes refuse to stay open. Step#2: Repeat step #1. Once I’m done with the landing-page I’m working on I’ll post it on so you can take a look at it. I plan on rewriting the page into external CSS which is a new subject for me, as well as adding div tags I’m just learning…this should be fun.

Also I signed up for #30days30sites today at After months of seeing the name around I finally looked into and found out what it was all about. From a newcomers perspective, the concept is very vey intriguing. Meaning I’m definitely going to attempt to build 30 websites in 30 days. Proud to take up the challenge. But for now I’m going to focus on building finishing landing-page I’m currently working on (one step at a time).

I’m also waiting for the Marco Polo & Silicon Valley seasons to startup again. If you know any series like the those two or better put it in the comments below. New reads are welcome as well!!

Thanks for reading, checkout today’s progress below😁. You can meet me and my team at I will write another post tomorrow ✌ ! ✌
Chingu project: A landing page for

Recommended Reads: Cory Doctorow — Little Brother. Get your own copy at Amazon: Current Reads: Cory Doctorow — With a little help. Get your own copy at Amazon: