3 Questions for a Vevo Product Owner: S01E02

In this mini-series, I ask a co-worker three random questions.

Q: What would you put in your backpack if you had to leave your home now?

Audrey: Where am I going?
Me: You’re leaving home. But you don’t know to where.

A: A picture of my sister and me. My phone and computer. Toothbrush and clothes. And wallet.

Q: How did you find time to write a book about getting a job in Product Management?

A: I wanted to share with the world what I’ve learned. So I prioritized getting it done and worked weekday nights and weekends.

Q: What’s the coolest thing you’ve done?

A: I took a year to travel. I backpacked through Europe, and I rented an apartment in Buenos Aires.

About Audrey Fischer: Audrey is a product manager at Vevo, a company that distributes music videos across many platforms including Youtube, mobile, and TV. She currently manages several of Vevo’s apps such as Apple TV, Roku, and Windows. Previously, she was the first official product manager at Genwi, a startup providing mobile solutions to content marketers. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Her first job out of college was as an analyst at Goldman Sachs, and though she loved the analytical nature of the role, she wanted to start something on her own. She decided to start Gramberry, a service that enables users to order physical greeting cards online, which could be sent to their family and friends. During the process, she disvoered that she loved all the aspects that related to product managements. Though the company didn’t ultimately work out, she was grateful to have disvoered her passion.

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