Austin Drivers: Why you should demand higher wages now

I know you guys and gals are trying to find more rides in Austin and with options coming to town like Get Me, Wingz, Fare and Fasten, its enticing to sign up, and you should sign up as quickly as possible, because one of these companies is going to prevail and going to be come a 3rd competitor to Uber and Lyft should they ever come back. But now is the time to hold your ground to change the industry for higher rates. Fasten for example has a boost option for riders to decide to pay more. Their rates are only 95 cents a mile. Since Get Me is $2.05 (day) Please only take Get Me rides unless riders decide to pay for a 2x boost. Wingz is a different story, take all the rides you can. I think it comes out to about $1.80/mile, but since it is to the airport, it is likely a longer, more peaceful ride. Ride Fare, I do not know how much they pay out, since I can not even find a website for them. But you get what I am saying right? Even if Uber and Lyft come back, don’t take the base rate rides unless it is surging at 2x or above. It can be tempting since you will likely get rides faster, but please wait for a higher price. You can use your rider apps to determine this. Whatever you do, do not limit yourself to 1 company. Make sure to sign up as they come and try and find a promo code from another driver that has signed up. If your going to sign up, might as well as help out another driver. Remember, without drivers, these companies have nothing. Make them pay more for our services.

EDIT: Someone shared the link for Ride Fare. It is $1.20/mile. Not bad if they are able to steal all of Get Me riders, and riders will flock to this app if drivers are there. But it is still low. Does not appear there is an option to earn more, unless your riders tip or you refer a rider and pick them up yourself which will get you 10% more on that particular trip. As Get Me has shown us, riders are used to not tipping. So why would you work more for less? “Because its the job” as someone else mentioned? Ha.

If you don’t stand your ground as a driver, all of these companies coming along (2 more were mentioned in the comments, so there are a total of 5 coming to Austin.) WILL engage in a price war and that will affect drivers.

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