Let’s Talk about Arcade City

There is a new rideshare company in Austin, but nothing about it is legal.

Arcade city claims to be peer to peer and takes out the middleman, only takes tips and donations, thus making them legal. “What if riders and drivers were free to connect peer-to-peer with no middleman”. This sounds good right? What happens when you take out the middleman?

Arcade City is basically like Craigslist for connecting riders to drivers. What is really scary is that they take no responsibility, for what happens to you, as either a rider or driver. There is not a set fare, since there is no middleman, no regulations and no oversight. If you are a rider or driver involved in a car accident, Arcade City does not provide any insurance whatsoever. Most drivers who drive on Get Me, Uber and Lyft, do not pay for commercial insurance and are supplemented by rideshare insurance companies like Get Me, Uber and Lyft provide. When the drivers insurance company realizes you were being driven commercially, they are going to be absolved from all blame and all payouts. Both driver and rider will be on their own for medical bills, lost wages, etc. Drivers will be held responsible for not only their vehicle but any vehicle that is involved in the wreck.
“Arcade City is not a ‘TNC’. It’s merely a brand, a culture, a way of being with each other.”

This was Uber’s method. Coming to a city and claiming they are not a taxi service and should not be regulated. Well, this certainly did not work out well like Uber planned, and this is the reason why Uber and Lyft left Austin and are threatening to pull operations in Houston.

“Our drivers are entrepreneurs, free to make their own choices about how they want to comply (or not) with government regulations. Some of our drivers want to get fingerprinted and comply with the Austin regulations. Some do not. We respect their choices. “

Arcade City does not vet your driver in any kind of way. Literally anybody can go onto their Facebook page (soon to be app) and look for rides to pick up. There is no live tracking like ride sharing companies provide, not even a basic background check. It is one thing to be against fingerprints, but background checks all together? Something is really off about this company.

The CEO/Founder of Arcade City, Christopher David (formerly known as Christopher Pille) has a sketchy past himself. Which, can really be the reason why he is anti-government, anti-fingerprint. The reason behind fingerprints and background checks is to protect the people and people with crimmminal backgrounds (although it is very possible for one to change) tend to commit crimes again, and again.

Now, do you really want to get behind the wheel or sit in the passenger seat of a driver who has no insurance, no background check, and there is no way of anyone being able to track your ride to find out where you went missing and with who? There are quite a handful of ridesharing companies now that you can find here that do background checks, comply with regulations and have your ride tracked every step of the way. The only drivers that can truly pull this off legally are ones who have their own company set up, and have all commercial insurance requirements met. Majority of these will not find themselvs on Arcade City’s Facebook page.

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