It’s Time to Put Our Demons Away

Earlier today I spoke with a local news reporter about my personal response to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint’s new policy defining same-sex marriage as an act of apostacy and forbidding the ordinace of giving of a name and blessing or the baptism of a child who lives with parents in a same-sex relationship. It was a tough interview.

I admit to mixed emotions. I love my church and believe it is acting on inspiration it receives from a unique relationship with God that I do not have. Sometimes that means the church will act differently than I, or any of us, agrees with. Often, we can misunderstand the church’s (or anyone else’s) intent through the lense of our own ideas and limited knowledge. But, perhaps the church’s new policy is off the mark or will be misused by less understanding members. History suggests this can and has happened to us, and to any group consisting of human beings. This is not a time to demonize the LDS church because of a policy that does not look right to us.

This is also not a time to demonize the LGBT community for understandably feeling hurt by the policy update. The way the policy was leaked and represented looks, understandably, very bad. As Latter-day Saints I believe we should not respond with defensiveness. I have a list of reasons why the policy is not as bad as it looks, but it won’t mean much right now. Showing empathy or valid concern always works. Listen to them, mourn with them, and thereby keep true to our faith.

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