Do Something Fun

Last Friday was my anniversary with my girl friend and I got the great pleasure of getting to have dinner with her. We were heading home when I thought about this project. Spontaneously I asked her if she wanted to do something fun before we went back to her place. After some back an forth we eventually decided to go to the Mall of America. I have never really liked the idea of MOA but this assignment was all about doing something you usually wouldn’t so I decided what the heck? We went to Doc Popcorn and the Mirror Maze we explored Crayola Experience and got Gelato. The best part was, we were still dressed all formal from dinner. All in all I have to say, the adventure was hilarious and jovial and maybe my opinion on the mall will changed based on that.

Garage Entrance
Adventures Inside
Fun Selfies

Mind Map (Image)

Original paper, left; Computerized, right

Mind Map (Digitization)

I first made my map on paper.

Suggested Themes

Social Health and Wellbeing

The study of human social dynamics is one of the most interesting areas of study in sociology to me. Humans are so complex in the ways they socially interact and yet so simple in the shared need to socially interact. Social concerns crop up in our everyday lives from drama within our friend groups to workplace etiquette. Such a varied and interesting field is certainly worth study.

Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Emotions cause us to act in was that we would never act logically. There is no logical reason for me to mark the date of my anniversary with my girlfriend, after all September the 23rd is in way significant. Yet because of my emotional connection to another person, I do mark my calendar on that date. Because emotions cause us to subvert logic and act in totally unpredictable ways I think that they are very interesting things to study.

Therapy and Treatment

Mental illness, phycological trauma, and emotional damage are not injuries we can treat with bandages and surgeries. These injuries are of a totally different nature and originate from our core selves, our minds. Because of the multifaceted and extremely unique sets of human neurophysiology all treatments and therapies effect patients in different ways. Additionally many actions that seem mundane and normal can become treatments for certain neurological symptoms. We must find new ways to evolve and improve our existing medical procedures for mental illness, phycological trauma, and emotional damage so that we can increased the quality of care — and life — of people afflicted by these terrible ailments.

10 Silly Ideas

(Left) The Taste Tester, (Center) The Rocket Luncher, (Right) Solar Powered Fork Sharpener
(Left) Knife Duller, (Center) Pocket Electric Grill, (Right) The Pogo-Chair
(Left) The Hair Tangler, (Right) The Discordophone
(Left) The Handshaker, (Right) Mailhat
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