Adora Vang

I like all of the photography in you post. Each picture was spaced and lit very well, leading to a very professional look. Additionally, having clear pictures does wonders to illustrate your point, especially your horrifying picture of the fridge! Photography is so important in expressing your thought process and you did a great job.

I wish you had better descriptions of some of your images. They were amazing images but I found myself straining to read the small text stacked closely together under your unpacking and market survey images. Taking the extra time to actually write out your thoughts in text fields would have greatly increased my comprehension as a reader.

What if we extended your idea of bacterial sanitization of surfaces with the self cleaning toilet used in lecture? I can image a product, like a cooking counter, that would have two sides to it. One side, facing up, would have been for making food, and when you finished you could flip it over into a sanitizer solution that would clean and sanitize it while it was upside-down. That way we would decrease the cleaning time of that surface and make use of small space areas.

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