My first HUGE print! New York City Skyline

The New York City Skyline via Governors island Photo: Jonathan Edwards

I spent a ton of time searching for the perfect image to represent what I love about photography and I think this is as close as it gets. This photo is 40 separate 42 megapixel photos taken with a 50mm lens and combined together into an insanely detailed and extremely sharp photo of the NYC Skyline.

I took this photo from Governors Island this summer when Paulette, Oliver & I decided to spend the day in the City doing absolutely nothing, I have stared at it for weeks trying to decide exactly what I wanted to do with an image this big and have decided that I am going to have it printed… big.

So I cropped the photo for one size in mind; 30 inches by 20 inches, which is HUGE and I’m ordering mine today! I can’t wait until it arrives and I can see all of this insane detail printed, I’m super excited!

But here’s the thing, I like this so much that I want to share it!

So here’s the deal, I’m going to put this photo up on my gallery site so you can order a print for yourself or as a gift for someone else. Keep in mind, these prints are not expensive, but they aren’t cheap either. I’m using ProDPI as the print house because their prints are absolutely amazing.

The prints will be in 2 sizes. An 8x12" “Lustre” is available for $20 and the full size 30x20" print is available to be printed on a variety of material from Super High-Quality Photo Paper, Canvas to Metal. Yes, you can order a gigantic 30x30 inch photo of the NYC Skyline on a sheet of metal… how cool is that!?!?!?!

I hope you love this photo as much as I do!

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