Photographers Who Don’t Suck! e7 | Amanda Hrycyna

This weeks Photographer: Amanda Hrycyna; Life Photographer

True Story. Credit: Amanda Hrycyna

Amanda Hrycyna is kind of a big deal in Northeast Pennsylvania. Don’t believe me, pick up a copy of The Weekender and check out “Model of the Week” and then look at the byline, she’s the photographer. Not bad right? You can also find her work in the Times Leader where she is a freelance photographer.

On top of shooting “Model of the Week” for the Weekender, Amanda shoots Weddings, kids, music, street photography, lifestyle photography and is into photo journalism. So when I asked her what kind of photographer she considers herself she responded: “I consider myself a Life Photographer” and you know what, that’s about the best answer she could have possibly given!

Credit: Amanda Hrycyna
Credit: Amanda Hrycyna

Amanda Started down this path when she was just entering adulthood taking photos of friends and local musicians. Completely uninspired by her General Study courses she was taking at LCC she started taking photography courses and fell in love with the craft.

I have to be honest here, I have never heard of either of these 2 photographers before reading Amanda’s question and answer sheet, but after searching for them so I could put the links in the article (click on the names above to read about the photogs Amanda mentioned) I, myself, have kind of fallen in love with the work of Nan Goldin and I can definitely see the influence she has on Amanda!

Anyway, back to talking about Amanda,

The next thing she wrote was profound enough for me to point out that just how profound it is, I LOVE the following quote and I’m likely to use it in the future:

She’s onto something here, and it’s worth repeating “The longer you shoot the more you realize this is about you and how you view the world.”

I agree. Photography is absolutely about telling stories, and the stories you are telling are your own. Your view of the world, the things you care about and the ideas you have. I think it’s important for every photographer to realize that simple fact sooner rather than later. Photography isn’t about making pretty photos, it’s about giving the world a glimpse into your perspective.

I can probably wax eloquent on this subject forever, and maybe I’ll write an entire article dedicated to it, I really want to! But let’s keep the focus on our featured photographer for the time being!

Credit: Amanda Hrycyna

Amanda has been a vegetarian/vegan for the past 25 years and has a 15 year old son and a 3 year old daughter who is obsessed with “meat eating dinosaurs” hahaha! Her camera is her security blanket in public situations where she considers herself awkward without her gear.

NORMALLY I’d have written a little more here, but she specifically asked me to not write about her collections of random stuff…

“You can leave out what randomness i collect…”

Oh come on Amanda! Now I’m dying to share it!! But here’s the thing, I’ll leave it up to the readers to nag you to let me post it! So friends, family and anyone else reading this, if you want to find out what kind of random stuff Amanda collects head over to her facebook page and tell her to change her mind!


Amanda’s goals are more about personal growth and learning than anything, which is definitely good.

Just keep Shooting and shoot Manual

As always, I ask every featured photographer to give some advice they with they’d received when they were just starting out, here’s what Amanda has to say:

Another great quote (you’re racking them up today Amanda!) “Something will draw you in and then it will change you.” Also, she’s on-point. You should definitely be shooting manual!

What’s in Amanda’s Bag?

Amanda’s current setup Credit: Amanda Hrycyna

Amanda hasn’t seen the light and switched to Sony yet, right now she shoots with a Canon 5D Mark III (effectively making this camera the most popular among the featured photographers in this series!) Her go-to lens is a 70–200mm f2.8 and she also carries a tamron 24/70 2.8 and a Tokina 11–20 f2.8 Alright, I have to ask, what are you going to do if you need to shoot anything in the 20–24mm range huh???? kidding, that’s one hell of a range!

Her dream setup is everything you see above with the addition of a Canon EOS-1Dx Mark II


Want to find Amanda online?

Facebook: https:
Website (portfolio):

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