Hello, I’m here. Please do talk to me.
J M Jackson

Hey Jon, I’m Jon, nice to meet you. I’m also introverted, and like you I spend time writing on Medium. Right now, I’m reading about Minimalism, and trying to apply it to my life. I also just started up a blog on my website, jonehburton.com.

My plan is to try to write for some of the publications on medium here that deal with my little niche (building habits, and in the larger scale how those habits can get you what you want). But the problem is most of them don’t have easy to find submission guidelines or even a contact address.

I also just finished writing a draft of a fiction novella. It’s about a cowboy searching for a missing man. None of my friends are literary types so they don’t get as excited when I tell them. And that’s not my only book either, I published one last year, and I’m working on a second novel.

How are you?

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