If Only I Could Cooperate

Jon E. H. Burton
May 2 · 1 min read

Do I forget my keys on purpose
just to spite my future self?
When roses grow along the edges
of my weathered cobblestone path,
why do I grab at the thorns
and say to anyone who will listen
“Certainly these can’t be for me,
look how they make me bleed”?
Why do I lock the doors
when it’s just as easy to step outside
and feel the sun than to
get a tan from my monitor?

I am an abandoned warehouse of laughter,
a clown in the pillory that I locked
but I’ve got the keys in my hand.

If only I could cooperate.

Jon E. H. Burton

Written by

Author, poet, blogger, mountain climber. Living the process every day. Visit me at http://jonehburton.com/

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