My First Novella Is Out!

A Man Named Eustace

Do you know a man named Eustace? That’s the question for Callum Bane, the most feared and famous gunslinger in the west. Taking on a job to find the elusive man, Bane is catapulted into a world of tight-lipped country folk and a sick donkey epidemic. His hunt takes him through the desert where he wrestles with a lost jaguar, gangs of thieves, and even more people looking for Eustace.
A chance encounter with a shady treasure hunter in a bar gives Bane the focus he needs to find him, but all is not what it seems. Bane always finds what he’s looking for, but never how he expects.

My first novella (but my second published work) is out now! Get your copy at the link above. Ebooks coming soon. For now, just physical copies.