Snow and Pho

Ottawa got snowed the fuck out today. We had a whopping, like, 8 cm - sorry, maybe 2 inches, of snow. I was gonna be here in work today regardless, buddy. Snow doesn’t scare me because I’m a goddamn Canadian and we eat that shit for breakfast (it’s free ice from the skies, are you kidding me?).

Actually snow does sort of make me anxious because I got into a crash a few years ago, and it’s left me feeling nervous when I drive in conditions other than sunny.

I was already dreading the trip out to the restaurant for lunch with my coworkers, but I was determined to go because it was an Indian place I’d never tried. Just an aside here, your boy here *loves* Indian food. So in preparation for the lunch, I didnt bring a lunch and planned to snag a ride with someone I work with.

I got in to work and had an email stating they were gonna go Thursday because the weather was bad today. Awesome. Now I’ve gotta go out into the goddamn north of the wall blizzard and get food. 
I called my up favourite pho place, which is thankfully down the road, and made an order for lunch. By lunch, the storm was angry, my friends. If you could call me Ishmael, the entire city was the white whale. I picked up my pho, and came home to silently eat it and write this little bloggity blog post.

The pho tasted like victory