The Key To Getting Shit Done

How many times have you sat down at home and tried to get your book written, your projects done, your business planned, or your budget handled? Probably quite a lot, if you’re on Medium.

If you’re a “creative”, and if you actively refer to yourself that way, please leave. But really, if you’re a creative person with creative hobbies like writing, art, design, music, or basket weaving, this is the #1 tip for you.

We all know the feeling of defeat and frustration after we’ve spent a day trying to bring forth fruit from our labours, but only receiving scraps. It’s disheartening. It tests your will to go on. It straight up sucks. But how the hell do we get past it?


That’s it. That’s the key. Wear actual pants.

No working in your pj’s, your sweatpants, or your shorts. That’s lounge gear. You want to work? Dress for the fucking position, you amateur, and start creating like a pro.

When you’re in the office, you’re dressed to work. So when you’re working at home, you need to signal to your body that it’s work time.

You need to set boundaries.

Wear a pair of jeans, and a presentable shirt like you’re expecting someone to drop by. If you’d wear it to work in an office, (even if it’s business casual or street casual) wear it at home.

You will notice the difference in your thinking. Your body will be like “Oh damn, it’s work time. No more wasting time on Facebook, we’ve got asses to kick.”

And you will promptly kick asses with the right pair of pants.