This is a real picture I took. Sorry it’s not of leaves.

What Have I Been Up To?

Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday. To all my American friends, it’s Thanksgiving up in Canada this weekend. To my Canadian friends, happy Thanksgiving! To my American friends, Happy Columbus day probably. I think that’s what you celebrate. Either way, much love from north of the border.

I love Thanksgiving because I love fall. it’s my favourite season. I am about as stereotypical-white-girl as I can possibly be during fall. I love wearing sweaters, eating ridiculous pumpkin-flavoured shit ironically (okay, semi-ironically), and being outside in the woods.

This time of year has taken me away from writing as much as I usually do. Well, that’s not totally true. September and up to now had me writing a story for a contest, finishing up another short story, planning an avant-garde style novel (more on that later), and begin writing my second full novel. I also wrote an article on how I plan books to avoid writers block.

Right now it looks like I’m not doing a lot of work, because my output has been lower than usual, but I’m still putting in that work. I promise. You’ll be seeing some big things coming out towards the end of the year. I’m planning on making that avant-garde novel I mentioned in the last paragraph into a publication. The idea behind that is it’s about a criminal organization and it’s told in short story format, in many different points of view. You’ll see what I mean when it starts to happen.

For now, have a great weekend!