Planning to visit Qatar? Here are the Islamic rules and Civil Rules you must follow!

Today Qatar stands at the apex of economic growth. There are abundant activities you can engage in. Qatar Visa applicants are increasing day by day. Qatar is booming as one of the most famous art destinations on the planet. Tourists take a trip over the sand dunes and the view of the deserts is a valuable experience. Desert safari will add the element of adventure to your stay. A large number of people apply for Qatar visa online to explore this place as a part of their vacation.

Prior to scheduling a trip to any place, it is vital to be familiar with the laws of that country otherwise breaking any rule accidentally will ruin your trip. It is important to know what is legal and illegal wherever one goes. Here are some general rules to be followed by you in the state of Qatar:

Islamic Rules for Dressing:

· Qatar does not permit western apparel, such as wearing sleeveless shirts, strap tops and shorts.

· Dresses should cover up women’s arms and legs.

· One cannot offence someone in community as it is liable to be punished by officers in Qatar.

· Apart from this, closeness in public is also not approved.

Other Notable Rules

Entrance/departure requirements: There are two main borders point at Abu Samra and Saudi Nathil through which tourist can enter. There is health check up exam for visitors as Qatar don’t allow people having HIV/AIDS. Qatar visa issued at the border are chiefly for short period, but can be extended for a month.

Traffic laws: Tourists must have an official international driving sanction. Their local country’s license will not be acknowledged. In public, you cannot drink and drive there as doing will make them locked up and will be expelled from driving.

Crime/theft: Qatar has a lesser amount of incidents in crime. It is a problem free nation. Theft news is not very regular but travellers are cautioned not to leave treasure such as cash, jewellery etc, in unsecured places.

Customs regulations: Travelers cannot carry alcohol drinks with them. Also tourists need to take particular authorization for carrying firearms. Knives, daggers etc are not legally recognized. Linking in illegal drugs can lead to compulsory death punishment in Qatar. Travelers also have to acquire consent for bringing pets.