CNA Week #2

Johnathan Falwell Refuses to Endorse Presidential Candidates

The leader of Thomas Road Baptist Church, Johnathan Falwell, has issued a statement saying that he will not endorse any particular presidential candidate. He believes that it is not a religious leader’s responsibility to try and influence their peers, and that the decision ultimately relies on God. However, he strongly encouraged all Christians to be involved in politics, saying that they should elect persons of strong moral character.

Local College Students Participate in Ethics Bowl

College students from Lynchburg, Randolph, and Sweet Briar College congregated to discuss difficult moral dilemmas on Tuesday, January 26th. They focused on popular political issues, one example being immigration laws. The recurring theme of the night was “Ethics and Civic Responsibility.”

Lynchburg man sentenced to life in prison

Shawn Moss was murdered on August 26, 2014, and was found with 17 bullet entry points in his corpse. His murderer, a relative named Dominique Moss, has been sentenced to life in prison, and during the prosecution had to be dragged from the courtroom after threatening prosecutors. The process of him being convicted has been long and drawn out, and the victim’s family expressed relief in response to the outcome of the court case.