Homework 4/8

Recently signs and graffiti promoting Donald Trump’s policy to build a wall to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country have been posted around campus. The story will address how racial discrimination is still present on our college campus, even though only a select few participate in obvious racism. These signs are only one example of a bigger problem, and the student body should be informed so that they will be able to be proactive in stopping racism.

This topic will rely heavily on graphs demonstrating what percentage of the student body supports Trump and pictures showcasing the different spots where the graffiti is located. The online format will also allow more conciseness and the use of lists and videos to convey the story.

Topic Details:

  • Signs appeared on Monday morning and students noticed them while walking to class.
  • They are located on the doors of the Vines Center and on the sidewalk in front of DeMoss.
  • Liberty officials do not know who spray-painted the sidewalk or drew the signs.
  • 1st source: Emma Johnston
  • 2nd source: Samuel Justice
  • Stored source: Champion interview with Jerry Falwell about his endorsement of Trump.


I would include hyperlinks to stories about Trump’s appearances to Liberty University. Hyperlinking to a story that lists Trump’s major policies would also be helpful to the reader. Another link I would include is to a magazine interview with Trump so that readers have a basic understanding of controversial policies.


Audio of Trump speaking about building the wall. An image of what percentage of students supported him in the primary. Pictures of the graffiti, and soundbytes of students talking about the signs.

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