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BOE Meeting:

The Hattiesburg Board of Education met this morning to discuss a decrease in enrollment and new rules that will be enforced in the upcoming school year. The new rules will include females cannot wear miniskirts, males will not be aloud to wear their hair below their ears, and all students will not be permitted to wear blue jeans.

Faculty in Plane Crash:

Two professors from Blackwater State University were returning home from New York City when the jet they were on crashed during takeoff from the Kennedy International Airport. Five passengers were killed, however, the two professors are alive.

Meeman Speaks:

Author Norman Meeman, who won the Pulitzer Prize two years ago for his book My Life as Far as it Goes spoke on Sunday at the William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library. He spoke to an audience of mostly English students and admonished them to “let your inner feelings pour out.”

Professor Wins Award:

At a ceremony in Pennsylvania last week, the Freedoms Foundation announced its George Washington Medal winners. One of the winners was Clement Crabtree, a professor of horticulture. He was honored for his “Plan for Peace.”

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