What is summer for a graduating high-school student?

Summer is a time of heat and relaxation. It is the vacation period. A chance to go abroad to some resort, to visit relatives who live far away, to read all those books and watch all those movies you’ve been wanting to for ages, but never found the time for. For kids, it is time away from school or university when they can have fun and not think about homework or studying. For many people, summer is associated with rest and relaxation.

What is summer for a graduating high-school student? They are not that different from the rest of the people. For them, summer is the time when they can do whatever they want according to their own schedule. Read all the books they want, spend hours researching any topic that caught their interest and generally do whatever they want to their heart’s content.

There is a big BUT in that, however. The majority of the summer before and right after graduation is spent on finding your college. There are a lot of things that need to be done. Deciding on your major, doing extensive research, sending out applications, looking for a place to live depending on location after and if you were accepted.

There is occupational guidance for prospective students, of course, to help those who are still indecisive, giving the information about various occupations and the requirements for admission, explaining anything that was unclear to the prospective students and their parents.

I can not say it is easy. Even deciding on a major can be hard, if you add to that deciding on a college as well, and then the whole admission process, it is tedious at best. Being completely dependent on the opinion of your parents, choosing a certain occupation for no other reason except that your scores are just high enough to fit the requirements, wanting to go here or there, because you believe that you won’t have to work hard, that this one is easier than the rest, it is not the way to go about doing it.

Prospective students who come to the admission office without all the documents needed, who can’t go to their desired occupation due to not having passed the exams required for it, because they didn’t bother to actually check what is required and what they need to bring, are not what you want to be like. What are they hoping for with an attitude like that? Who knows? I certainly don’t.

What you should do is research. You want to study abroad? Do your research. You want to know which college provides the beat education on your chosen major? Research. You want to know about scholarships? Yes, you guessed it, research. Being well-informed is always a good thing especially when making a decision that can affect your future. Be smart about your choice, and you won’t have to regret your decision later.