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Full confession, I was never too big of a Han Solo fan.

As a kid, I always gravitated to Luke Skywalker, for his plucky ‘downtrodden boy looking for adventure, who grows into a man’ appeal. In contrast, I found Han Solo too much of a smug ‘bad boy’ archetype with not much in the way of a nuanced personality. In fact, I always agreed with Harrison Ford that Indiana Jones was the more compelling character of the two.

Until J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

That film did an amazing thing, and treated Han with the kind of pathos…

Luke Skywalker.

You hear that name, and what comes to mind? I would imagine, if you are a lifelong Star Wars fan like me, you picture a classically pure-of-heart hero who represents the best of what we can be, when we reject our inner darkness and embrace the light. A perfect example of righteous good. An immaculate symbol in the same company as Superman, or Jesus, or Optimus Prime, or Aslan.

The Last Jedi is, among many things, about showing that the “real” Luke Skywalker was never the flawless paragon that his fans, in-universe and out, propped him up to…

Jonathan Rogers

Jonathan is a freelance writer, cosplayer, filmmaker and artist from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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