101 Reasons To Run

by Duncan Jones

The world is home to all kinds of runners, and those runners are home to all kinds of reasons to run. So we traveled the world asking “Why run?” and this is what we heard … (Liberties in translation have been taken for entertainment’s and motivation’s sake.)

Run and put your mind at ease

Run feeling the forever breeze

Run because you are so hot

Run a little, run a lot

Run and make it through the night

Run and be “Wow! What a sight!”

Run because you love to win

Run to just begin again

Run when comes the bright sun’s rise

Run when it sets (if you are wise)

Run because to run is fun

Run because we’re missing one

Run because I know I am

Run because it’s in the fam

Run for nothing, just because

Run because my idol does

Run and have a great six pack

Run and get your “got it” back

Run for freedom, run so free

Run to just come run with me

Run because you’ll never quit

Run because “Ha! Tag you’re it!”

Run because you run so fast

Run because you’re never last

Run! I just don’t wanna talk

Run because it is your walk

Run the bases, then run home

Run because it lets you roam

Run to eat or run to live

Run because you’ve more to give

Run! Run! Run! You must survive

Run and earn the highest five

Run! It is my favorite game

Run! In time they’ll know your name

Run because it’s what we do

Run because coach told us to

Run because we love to race

Run because I need my space

Run because the game began

Run a cool down … we just ran

Run because you’ll feel so good

Run because you know you should

Run because the rain has come

Run and feel the beating drum

Run so you can jump the gap

Run right now! Go! It’s a TRAP!

Run and be a work of art

Run so strong you’ll keep your heart

Run from bar to bar to bar

Run so you can know how far

Run because you’ve got no fear

Run like the wind, gazelle, or deer

Run so you’ll be tried and trued

Run so you’re not someone’s food

Run because you need a test

Run so you can beat the best

Run because you love the pain

Run because “No pain, no gain!”

Run because you’re on the hunt

Run because here comes the punt

Run so you can stay so lean

Run quickly now for we’ve been seen

Run because you’re such a beast

Run and hunt and have your feast

Run so you can save a friend

Run because it’s not the end

Run to make the world aware

Run! For many life’s not fair

Run because it’s how you fly

Run because it gets you high

Run because you saw a ghost

Run so well they raise a toast

Run in flip flops on the beach

Run with someone learning, teach

Run because you’ve got no bike

Run because it’s what you like

Run for play “No way! I gotchu!”

Run from scary ones that watch you

Run because you’ve had enough

Run because you’re super tough

Run so you can stay in touch

Run because we work too much

Run for pleasure, run for time

Run to make this poem rhyme

Run it back! “Gimme the ball!”

Run! Feel proud, and stand up tall

Run and just get off the phone

Run! The trail’s your very own

Run in sand and run in snow

Run to catch and run to throw

Run now girls! Go get the boys!

Run because they took your toys

Run because you’ve news to bring

Run to reach the Queen or King

Run in water, run through waves

Run in tunnels, run through caves

Run because you are the hero

Run and cut their lead to zero

Run to the pool, jump in, and swim

Run to get out of the gym

Run! This time ignore the score

Run and then go run some more

Run! Unleash your inner child

Run because you Keep It Wild!

Run because it makes you happy!