Tommy And James

Duncan Jones
Sep 22 · 2 min read

by Duncan Jones

Tommy and James started out the same
Two kids together at school
Guess opposites attract, James pretty straight-laced
And Tommy always breakin’ the rules

James was raised right, had a good home life
As far as anyone knows
Tommy had no dad and pretty quick went bad
Well just often the way that it goes

So James grew up strong and he joined the law
From Tommy he didn’t hear much
From time to time they’d drop each other a line
But they hardly stayed in touch

Well time passed by in the way that it does
And then one day James gets called
There‘s a hot pursuit, he’s one of three in route
Near the border of Arkansas

Well his backups crash leavin’ James in the chase
Which soon became a foot race
And onto a farm, got him trapped in a barn
Neither in a very good place

James called out, “We got you surrounded
You’re makin’ one hell of a bet!”
Came the answer back, “I can hear the sirens
Your buddies ain’t here quite yet!”

Then a moment passed by, but what were the odds
Each of them knew that voice
And just like that they‘re playin’ cops and robbers
Like they played when they were boys

Two had once been friends through thick and thin
Most had even assumed they were brothers
Now they’re tradin’ shots, missin’ by inches
And both almost killing each other

“Tommy give up, now don’t be dumb
You know that I know that it’s you
“James you’re alright, and you’re not my fight
But that’s something I can’t do …

It’s a story you’ve heard, of that I’m sure
Just deal gone down a bad way
I ain’t always tried, but I never lied
And I didn’t do what they say …”

“Tom you gotta come out, just gonna get worse
It’s done, I got no grudge
I’ll do what I can, put in a good word
Lord knows I ain’t here to judge.”

No answer came, just the heat of the day
The sirens now comin’ around
James let out and sigh and looked up to the sky
“Don’t make me do this now.”

He looked back down, loaded gun in his hand
Still wondering if he could
“Such a shame too,” he thought to himself
“He made it so close to the woods …”

Sun high in the sky, on a beautiful day
Each playing the same old part
“Fine” yelled James, “I can’t give you much time
But I’ll give you a head start …”

Duncan Jones

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