What has Premiered? The Country Queen and Roast House !

July is fully packed with loads of entertainment from a hot dram series on Netflix to the rib-cracking comedy on Showmax. Here are the two shows that have premiered in Kenya.


The first series in Kenya to appear on Netflix. Follow the story of a woman who fights for her people, land, and corruption. Love and deceit and betrayal come along the way in the series. Premiere today. Watch six amazing episodes of Country Queen


Seventeen Kenyan comedians, 10 Kenyan celebrities in the burning seat, one stage, and numerous hurling of shame, laughter, and roasts. Welcome to Roast House, a one-of-a-kind comedy show in Kenya. Premiered on the 14 the of July.

No need to thank me, enjoy.

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Are You ready for Sanura?!!

Let me hear a round of applause for the new telenovela titled Sanura. Sanura is a Coastal base television series set to premiere on…

The 19th of July at 7. 30 pm. Sanura is a girl who fights against the deep-rooted culture, practices, and norms. She dreams of being an independent and assertive woman all of her life. And she has to fight for it. Coming to your screens on Maisha Magic Plus.

I can’t wait!!

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Stycie Waweru is a thirteen-year-old actress who has been killing the screen with her beauty and skill. She has been featured in films like Supa Modo which is now on Showmax and also in Just In Time. She is also the voice of Sema in Supa Sema created by Lupita Nyong’o. Just a few hours ago…She explained that her parents signed up for verification and surprisingly, she got that rare blue tick. She got the tick just after having 21000 followers! She has lately gone live appreciating her fans and supporters. She has also said she is also going to sign up for Instagram verification as well.She has also posted a video on youtube on how to become an actor. You can check it out below. Maybe you can learn something.