Using GCP NuGet Packages with Unity

Jon Foust
Jon Foust
Aug 5 · 4 min read

Importing NuGet Packages

Creating a Scripts Folder and Creating a C# Script
Opening the Script in Visual Studio
Opening NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio for Windows
Installing the NuGet Package

Copying Library Files to Unity’s Asset Folder

Error in Console Window in Unity
Creating a Plugins Folder
Copying a Library to the Plugins Folder
Creating the link.xml File and Adding Library Information for Unity Bytecode Stripping
Oh no! More Errors!

Wrapping Up

Thanks to Dane Liergaard and Jack Wilber

Jon Foust

Written by

Jon Foust

Developer Advocate @ Google. Gamer. Maker. Trying to make things easier for others by doing the hard stuff myself. Opinions are my own.

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