Giving Economy

So sitting here wondering what i am good at or what to write about I like to give people my time energy & help people success there goals

I am always giving to Kickstarter campaigns of friends or helping them out when ever I can that’s my way of contributing to the world

Meeting people making relationships and always being nice to people it’s always good to be genuine

That’s just the way it’s been for me & probably why I have been able to do what I have done in the past & meet cool people with no agenda just cause i believed in what there doing & wanna be apart of that

If you back someone’s Kickstarter or help with there dream or just help out some one the reward you get is praise & word of mouth I believe the world runs on word of mouth for business, relationships & trust of people

If people didn’t have an agenda on helping someone achieve there dream & just help them cause they are into idea then that would be great

My first forate into personal branding & getting into the entrepreneurial networking world was in 2008 when I first moved from Sudbury to Toronto that’s when I started to build my network and meet people back when social was just taking off Twitter wasn’t really mainstream

So much has changed in the social media world in the last 9 years met so many people & built many relationships and lucky to be able attend brand awareness & influencer events over the past few years and share my voice through my tweets and various posts. It definitely a different world from when I first started.

As I stated at the beginning giving back in anyway & supporting others is key that alone will get you far & people will want to help you without any effort it makes you genuine & thoughtful person remember the addage give give give then take alot of people are just take take always start the convo with how can I help you and don’t lead with here is my biz card

So next time you go out or see a friend running an event doing & fundraiser or Kickstarter for a project and dream they have support it even if it’s a shout over your social platforms or personal networks. you never know what you will get out of it & the people you meet they might help you with your own goals & dreams of a better life as well

Thanks for reading

Jon Gauthier

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