How Twitter & it’s usage has changed the way we use the platform

Amazing that i was at the start of social media Twitter / Facebook & seen networks come & go I recently saw a carton about Twitter audience changing & yes definitely Twitter has changed & evolved since 2005 some for the good & for the bad but a social platform has grow & change to remain relevant

Sure I joined in 2008 started using it and the end of 2009 Twitter was finding it self & audience it was a place for conversation & meeting new people sharing thoughts but as time goes by those same people change & start using the platform differently Twitter today is different & maybe it’s lost it’s way a little will all the marketing & look at me ness

But also its good too it brings people together any sporting event or tv show or world event that happens it brings us closer to it. Also conferences with hashtags

There is still a place for people having conversations & sharing ideas I have always said. you make Twitter what it is you follow & curate the interests & topics you want

Facebook went through this same dilemma as well just find purpose & how people were using the platform