Tugas Grafkom : The Journey of My Gaming Life Throughout The Years

Video games have a huge role in my life, growing up I dedicated most of my free time in front of the computer just messing around, playing not-so old games like Feeding Frenzy, Diner Dash, etc. It was a time when computers were still rare to find in a normal household and if you do have one, you would have to share it with your whole family and no hogging it for all day because that’s what my mama used to say.

I started playing video games when I was still a little boy, playing Snake and Space Impact on my father’s Nokia 3310. My journey with these type of games didn’t last very long though, as I didn’t have my own cellphone or smartphone until I entered college due to smartphone not being a necessity for most of my teenage life.

Snake and Space Impact

When my sister graduated elementary school, my parents bought her a computer. I can’t recall the exact specification but it had a crt monitor, it was around 2005ish. Well, the date doesn’t really matter, does it? One of the first game I played on this computer was Solitaire and Pinball, with the latter being the one I played the most. Then, I was introduced to GameHouse with games like Feeding Frenzy, Diner Dash, Bounce Out, just to name a few. My daily routine after school was to sit in front of the computer until I was scolded or until someone else had to use the computer which happened quite often.

Feeding Frenzy and Diner Dash

My elementary school has a computer lab. Back in the day, this lab was not only used for educational purposesl, it also served as an internet cafe. When class ended, students used to go to this lab to play games and browsed the internet. This was the place that introduced me to Counter-Strike 1.6. Btw, if you have never heard of Counter-Strike before, go look it up. It’s truly awesome. I usually spent around 2–3 hours a week there playing a game of Counter-Strike with a bunch of random students. We probably had around 10–15 people playing in the same server and it was epic. It was like a small local lan party, we also often shared a computer so when someone died you could take their place and play, and vice versa. Well anyway, this experience introduced me to the world of internet cafe, I started going to more internet cafes around my elementary school and my house. It was also the time when internet cafes had become more popular and more online games were introduced. Games such as Point Blank, Ayo Dance, Crazy Kart, RF Online, Gun Bound were the craze back in the day, but out of them I only played Point Blank and it was short-lived because I was gifted a PlayStation 2 when I entered the 6th grade.

Point Blank and GTA : SA

PlayStation 2 was the console I played the most because that was the console I have ever had. I used to spend my entire weekend playing games like Winning Eleven, Spyro, GTA SA, Bully, Digimon, Naruto and sunk hours upon hours on a single game just to move on to the next game when i had completed the previous one. Unsurprisingly, continuous use of a machine without a break can cause the machine to be broken beyond repair and that’s what happened to my PlayStation 2 after less than a year of usage. Moving on to middle school, I went back to playing online games at internet cafes because my PlayStation 2 broke down and couldn’t be repaired. Thankfully, I was not really a fanatic who had to constantly spend money on virtual items, as opposed to some of my friends who had spent most of their pocket money on virtual items.

After several months in middle school, I befriended someone that introduced me to RuneScape. RuneScape is the game in which I’ve spent over 3000 hours playing and to this day, I still play it regularly. I used to play this game with a bunch of friends from middle school but out of many that had tried playing, only me and 2 other people still play RuneScape.

Moving on to high school, I was introduced to Dota 2 and Steam. From then on, I also began playing other games on Steam such as Counter Strike : Global Offensive, Payday 2, and many more.

Runescape and Steam

In college, I stopped playing for a couple months and rarely play due to not having a good enough hardware to run most of my games and also because i have to go to a college that is far from home. Thankfully, I managed to save enough money to buy myself a gaming laptop so I can continue my journey on the path of gaming. So here we are at the present, I have spent over 10000 hours combined on all of the games I have played and not a single hour was wasted. I don’t know what the future has in store for me but one thing I know for sure is that I will always keep playing.

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