Lemmy Kilmister — Motörhead frontman (1945–2015)

As a teenager growing up and trying to fit into the rock’n’roll mold you look up to your heroes.

You learn from their guitar solos, you learn from their lyrics, you learn from their leather jackets, and you learn from their personas. You infer their personas from magazine interviews, and once in a blue moon if you are persistent you might be so lucky as to meet them in real life — after waiting for hours in the rain by a stage door after a concert, at a CD signing, or, if you’re really lucky, at a bar or a party.

The prevailing wisdom, the canon of behavior, suggests that being a rockstar (or being involved in the heavy…

Today we’re really excited to share our latest product with you — HireMyFriend. You can check it out right now, but first I’d like to tell you a little about why we’ve made it.


A couple of months ago a friend came to me with a problem. The startup she worked at was imploding—as they do—and she needed to find a new job. She is a respected designer with a whole bunch of Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections that she could usually reach out to for leads, but in this case couldn’t.

When you’re in a full-time job and need…

How to work on teams of generalists

When I first started studying graphic design I remember reading an interview with my favourite studio — the crazy Dutch modernists ExperimentalJetset. There was this quote that stood out — it didn’t mean much to me at the time but now really neatly summarises how I think product teams should be organised.

Q: Can you say how you divide up your workload between the three of you?

A: We once saw this interview with legendary player Johan Cruijff in which he explained the concept of ‘Totaal Voetbal’. Total Football is a system where a player who moves out of his…

This week on StartupEdition.com we’re answering the question “Who took a chance on you?”

I became a designer by accident: my career seems to be a lucky series of chance encounters, hopeful emails and improbably-connected dots. Now that I’m starting to be in a position to give a leg-up to aspiring designers it’s more important than ever to remember those who helped me out, and to do what I can to pay it forward.

I became a designer by accident.

When I was 17 I had dropped out of high school to become a rockstar. New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks, The Clash; little sprinkling of…

I love working for startups. We get to solve meaningful problems with cool technology, but most importantly we get amazing opportunities to learn. Constant learning is a key component of creating self-actualising flow states, and we’re lucky that learning is more accessible now than it ever has been in human history.

There are lots of reasons to learn new things: ad hoc learning on-the-job, figuring out a tool we know we'll need to use in an upcoming project, or something we need to learn to get a promotion. …

It’s great to see more designers recently embrace programming as an extension of our process rather than as an afterthought for someone else to execute. Today’s cutting edge products need to be designed by people who know what’s going on under the hood; and as curious designers it’s great to have more things to learn — it stretches the brain. But there’s something missing.

The Post-Adobe era

We’re learning all these new things (and—yeah I went there—earning more money) through the generosity of others. The generosity of the engineers who create tools like Ember.js, …

Jon Gold


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