There is a need to verify depositArbCheck function in CRVStrategyStable.sol.

function depositArbCheck() public view returns(bool) {uint256 currentPrice = underlyingValueFromYCrv(ycrvUnit);if (currentPrice > curvePriceCheckpoint) {return currentPrice.mul(100).div(curvePriceCheckpoint) > 100 - arbTolerance;} else {return curvePriceCheckpoint.mul(100).div(currentPrice) > 100 - arbTolerance;}}

Since the arbTolerance variable is uint256 type, this function always returns true if the variable is non-zero.

I have concerns if it is really what the team intended? Or is it a bug?

Sushiswap governance allows token holders to give voting power to a delegatee. However, in the case of Sushiswap, voting power stays with the delegatee even when the token holder transfers the tokens from the wallet. In this case, the voting delegation should disappear. …

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