The majority of Americans voted for Hillary Clinton, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.
Jossif Ezekilov

The electoral college results showed that a rather large number of Americans don’t want to be ruled by a small handful of cities in the Northeast and California. That’s why the electoral college exists; to prevent 10% of the total geographic area of America from ruling over the other 90%. We don’t like the idea of urban areas lording over rural areas by fiat. That’s not what America is about. The electoral college in America was devised to prevent the ‘tyranny of the majority.’ Within this context, the whole ‘popular vote’ thing is a sophomoric way of viewing the American electoral system. If Hillary had one a HUGE %of the popular vote, that would be one thing. But she won the ‘popular vote’ by a sliver.

Plus, America isn’t a pure democracy. It’s a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. There’s a difference.

“ Also every single European election has been won by the “globalist/leftists” as you call them.”

Right. And BREXIT means nothing. LOL!! The powers that be in the EU are panicked over BREXIT because they have nothing better to do. (Actually, they probably DON’T have anything better to do.)

And the fact that LePen and Wilders even got as far as they did shows a major cultural change in Europe. Native Europeans don’t like what’s going on with Muslim NO-GO Zones, increased radical Islamic activity, leftist identity politics (which has led to increased right-wing identity politics), increased violence from groups like ANTIFA, general anti-westernism, and the lack of sovereignty that they see in the EU’s grand plan. And the problem with people like you is that you label ANY AND ALL concerns with these issues as ‘Far Right Nationalism,’ so that rational conversations can’t even be had.

In fact, I’ll bet double nickles on the dime that you actually WILL label the concerns I listed as ‘Far Right Nationalism.’ Because, of course, if you disagree with any aspect of the EU’s globalist/leftist agenda, you MUST be a Nazi, right?

As it stands now, if you’re a Classical Liberal, you’re basically considered a Nazi by the American left. Where does that leave us? Where the hell do you go from there? It’s to the point where both sides have just battened down the hatches for full-scale culture war. And there will be major casualties on that front. Trust me.

If you think is just about Trump, you’re mistaken. This ‘war’ has been brewing for decades. Trump’s election was a RESULT, not a cause. Let’s get real here: Hillary lost, because the Democrats lost the WHITE, WORKING CLASS VOTE. You can never, ever, win a presidential election in America without the white, working class vote. And the Democrats lost the white, working class vote because maybe, just maybe, white, working class Americans got fed up with decades of noxious left wing identity politics. Seriously . . . when someone STARTS OUT a debate with me by calling me a ‘white cisgender male,’ why would I support what they believe in? Why the f__k would I vote for a woman who gets up on a podium and calls me a ‘deplorable,’ rather than offering clear reasons why I should vote for her? I mean . . . give me the reasons you think I should vote for you. Don’t call me a ‘racist’ What the F__k is THAT?

American liberals need to face the fact that they’ve allowed poisonous leftist identity politics to take over their side of the aisle. Instead, they’ve DOUBLED DOWN. They’ve made it even WORSE. And because of that, they’ll keep losing. You could run Vlad the Impaler on the Republican ticket for the next election, and he’d win.

Keep that in mind. Change your ways, or sooner or later, a Marine LePen or Geert Wilders WILL win. It’s only a matter of time. The pendulum swings both ways.

Now go ahead and call me a racist or a Nazi, because I know that’s what you want to do.

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