“Modest is Hottest” is not in the Bible
Joel Michael Herbert

This article is a great example of liberal word-gymnastics.

  1. “ The idea (I gathered — as a teenage male) was that young ladies ought to respect themselves enough that they don’t have to wear “scanty” clothing (whatever that means) to attract the lustful attention of men/boys.”
  • It’s about promoting the idea of SELF-RESPECT and discarding the belief that women have to display themselves like pieces of meat in order to achieve anything. This is especially the case with girls in their formative years.

2) 1. No one really knows what “immodest” means.

  • So we shouldn’t bother with the question at all? So this means it’s OK if your 13 year old daughter walks around in short-shorts that go up her ass? REALLY??

3) “ Why would you wear expensive clothes and fine jewels to a worship gathering when you know that the woman next to you doesn’t know where her next meal is coming from?”

  • Cue the SJW narrative.

4) “ Jesus himself had some pretty radical things to say about lust and sexuality, and never once did he invite women into the blame game, something we are told our first fallen father, Adam, did from the very beginning.”

  • Uh, no one’s blaming women for anything in western culture.

5) “ Whoa! Not only does Jesus say nothing about female culpability in a man’s fantasies.”

  • Same comment as above.

5) “ Men in Afghanistan or Turkey will lust after a woman in a burqa or niqab, men in Tennessee will lust after an ankle, while men in the Amazon apparently don’t think twice of topless gals, if National Geographic is to be believed.”

  • Cue the moral relativism.

6) “ We are discontented creatures, all of us, including the woman who intentionally dresses to attract the men that she wants but can’t have. But not Jesus nor any of the other writers of Scripture so much as insinuate that women are in any way responsible for men’s choices, sexual tensions, or fantasies.”

  • Right, and there’s not a problem of that in western culture as a whole. There’s pretty much a shared agreement that we’re all responsible for our own thoughts.

7) “ It grants men and boys amnesty from the responsibility of their own sexual choices.”

  • If you think there’s a big problem with this in our culture at large, you’re mistaken. If anything, men are blamed and shamed every day in our culture.

8) “ Many conferences and books in that era even went so far as to name women the “gatekeepers” of sexuality.”

  • In the heterosexual world, this is absolutely the case. Women are the ‘deciders.’ THEY decide if anything sexual is going to happen. If a woman decides sex isn’t happening, SEX ISN’T HAPPENING. It’s called BIOLOGY. They’re the ones with the vaginas, so they’re the ones who make the decisions. That’s just reality.


This is really just another article to promote moral relativism. My advice to any father is, don’t let your young daughter dress like a whore. She’ll thank you for it later in life.

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