Everyone Should Read These Books To Learn How to Create More Sales


Are you looking for ways to improve your selling techniques? Why not take some advice from the pros? We list the top 27 books that you must read to help you sell more. Note that these books are listed in no particular order, but they are essential (in our opinion) if you want to win in today’s sales environment.

1. Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar

Synopsis: By using his proven methods, you will be able to face your prospects with enthusiasm and confidence. “To call Zig Ziglar a ‘super salesman’ is an understatement.” This work is a compilation of everything he knows about the art of selling.

About the Author: Zig Ziglar, a talented author and speaker, traveled over five million miles and worked with clients and corporations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to churches, schools, and non-profit associations. He wrote twenty-one books on personal growth, leadership, sales, faith, and success, nine of which have been bestsellers.


This is actually an excellent book. I found it full of great applicable ideas. This book can increase your ability to demonstrate and sell your service dramatically after one reads. It provides you with everything you will ever need to be successful in the world of selling. After reading the book you actually feel that sales is fun. I recommend the book for anyone working in sales — Lamech Mariita

2. The Best Damn Sales Book Ever by Warren Greshes

Synopsis: This book is a must-read for those new to sales and those veteran salespeople who want to take their skills to the next level.

About the Author: Warren Greshes started his business career in 1973 as a salesman in New York City’s Garment Center. By the time he left in 1983, he was running a multi-million dollar manufacturing company.From 1984 to 1986 he was V.P. of Sales & Marketing for a NYC consulting company and in that time tripled their sales.

He left in 1986 to start my own business as a professional speaker and over the last 20+ years have been a featured keynote speaker, with an expertise in sales, motivation and customer service, at thousands of corporate and association events on 3 continents.


I have read this book several times. Each time, I learn something new. If you are in sales, you NEED this book. It really helped me focus my energy to be more successful! — Stephen Meadows

3. Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey H. Gitomer

Synopsis: Short, sweet, and to the point, the book is packed with answers that people are searching for in order to help them make sales for the moment, and for the rest of their lives. People dont like to be sold but they love to buy, has become more than a registered trademark to Gitomer, it’s a mantra.

About the Author: Jeffrey H. Gitomer is a leading authority on sales and customer service whose clients include IBM, AT&T, Coca-Cola, and Hilton Hotels, among others. He is also the author of the syndicated weekly newspaper column Sales Moves, and author of the bestselling book The Sales Bible, also available from Wiley.


My favorite part of this book talks about how a lifestyle comes to be. You can think of your lifestyle as the sum of your actions.
Philosophy drives your attitude, which drives your actions, which in turn produce your lifestyle. If you don’t like your lifestyle you should not just consider your actions but also your attitude and philosophy. If your philosophy is poor you will have a poor attitude and you will take poor actions and end up with a poor lifestyle.
I also like the Jeffrey is fully aware that we often know what is best for us, yet we do not decide to act on this information. We must strive to better ourselves and this is a difficult but worthwhile journey to make. — Carlos Renden

4. Everything I Touch Turns to Sold by Ty Wilde

Synopsis: Let Ty show you how to become a million-dollar producer! Over the past 2 years Ty has sold 110 homes during what many consider the worst economic market in 40 years. This made him the #1 sales person for one of the nation’s largest home builders. How did he do it? What are his secrets? These answers and more are contained in the book. Everyone can benefit from reading his book because each of us participates in sales to some degree. This book does not contain theories, Ty holds nothing back as he unveils his tried, tested and proven sales tactics. It is simple.

About the Author: Ty Wilde was born in St. George, a quiet town in southwestern Utah, but raised with the Navajo Indians on a dusty but beautiful reservation in northeastern Arizona. His family later moved to a frosty undersized city in Montana. Immediately following high school, he went off on his own living in Idaho, Wyoming, back in Utah, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and Las Vegas, Nevada. He attended BYU-Hawaii, which is one of the most culturally diverse universities in the world. Like he constantly has done, he made scores of friends from many different parts of the world. Because of his unique lifetime experience, he has an unprecedented understanding and love for all people and all cultures. He has been in the sales industry for nearly twenty years. He has gone door to door, done telemarketing, and sold many different products including clothes, cars, food, and real estate.


This book will truly help you find your talents, develop them and grow as a sales professional. Ty has a knack for helping you see things from the customer’s perspective and how you can truly help them. An easy read that will help you for years to come! — Mike Bartholomew

5. The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy

Synopsis: Brian Tracy, one of the top professional speakers and sales trainers in the world today, found that his most important breakthrough in selling was the discovery that it is the “Psychology of Selling” that is more important than the techniques and methods of selling.

Tracy’s classic audio program, The Psychology of Selling, is the best-selling sales training program in history and is now available in expanded and updated book format for the first time. Salespeople, says Tracy, must learn to control their thoughts, feelings, and actions to make themselves more effective.

About the Author: Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of organizations and individuals. Tracy has studied, researched, written, and spoken for 30 years in the fields of economics, history, and business. He has authored more than 45 books.


Whether you are a salesperson or not, you should read this book. Not only does it suggest few decent sales techniques but it also goes into the game in your brain when comes to selling. Apart from that, there are proven tips to help you succeed in life as well. — Huy Tran

6. The 25 Sales Haibts of Highly Successful Salespeople by Stephan Schiffman

Synopsis: Now you can join the hundreds of thousands of salespeople who have followed Stephen Schiffman’s advice and watch your performance soar. Schiffman lets you in on the industry’s best-kept secrets. Learn how to convert leads to sales, motivate yourself and motivate others, give killer presentations, and keep your sense of humor.

About the Author: Stephan Schiffman has trained more than 500,000 salespeople at such firms as AT&T Information Systems, Chemical Bank, Manufacturer’s Hanover Trust, Motorola, and U.S. Health Care. Schiffman is president of D.E.I Management Group and the author of such bestselling books.


A must-read book on sales for knowledge workers, managers, executives, and entrepreneurs. — Lori Grant

7. The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource by Jeffrey H. Gitomer

Synopsis: The Sales Bible has helped tens of thousands of salespeople all over the world reach their potential and close the big deal. Gitomer gives sales professionals the right answers to the toughest questions.

About the Author: Jeffrey H. Gitomer is a leading authority on sales and customer service whose clients include IBM, AT&T, Coca-Cola, and Hilton Hotels, among others. He is also the author of the syndicated weekly newspaper column Sales Moves, and author of the bestselling book The Sales Bible, also available from Wiley.


A modern sales classic from Jeffrey Gitomer, the Sales Bible was one of the first books I read with the intent to become a sales professional after I had the opportunity to see Jeffrey in action at one of his seminars. This updated version of the Sales Bible contains all the power of the original with additional insights from the author and the new “10.5 Sales Commandments of Sales Success.” Even if you own the original (like I do) this new version is well worth the investment. — Don Snyder

8. Reach the Top in New Home & Neighborhood Sales: by Myers Barnes

Synopsis: If you sell new homes, planned neighborhoods, resort real estate, home building, development, or more, this book will enable you and your team to master the on site sales process with “cutting edge” information previously available only through expensive seminars and corporate training.

About the Author: Myers Barnes is regarded as one of America’s top professional speakers and seminar leaders. Driven by the virtues of personal development and excellence, his impact in the fields of human potential and sales achievement has been far reaching. As a licensed general contractor and broker, Myers has and continues to “walk the talk.” He climbed the ladder from sales person to sales manager to Vice President of Sales for a real estate development company. As a noted author, Myers has produced articles for many of the nation’s top sales-related magazines and trade publications. He maintains an active position on the Executive Advisory Board for The Fisher Institute for Professional Selling, University of Akron, Ohio.


For anyone interested in new home sales this book in a goldmine. It is easy to read, easy to understand, and result oriented. Each chapter is a treasure chest of information. Collectively, these chapters map out a strategy that every one in new home sales should carefully examine. — Timothy Meline

9. Guerrilla Selling: Unconventional Weapons and Tactics for Increasing Your Sales by Orvel Ray Wilson

Synopsis: Today’s increasingly competitive business environment requires new skills and commitment from salespeople. Like the successful Guerrilla Marketing and Guerrilla Marketing Attack, this book presents unconventional ideas that are easy, and exciting for entrepreneurs at every level.

About the Author: He holds the highest level of certification recognized world-wide by the industry, the Certified Speaking Professional. He is also Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach.


If you’re serious about sales, this is a good listen. As a real estate broker in one of the most competitive markets in the US, I think you will enjoy. — Kevin Simpson

10. The Sales Leaders Playbook: Stop Managing, Start Coaching by Nathan Jamail

Synopsis: Success in sales takes talent, skills, discipline, practice, and most importantly, honesty with a genuine concern for the client. Most sales leaders know what to do; they just do not know how to make it real for their organization. This barrier keeps them mediocre at best. Experienced sales professional and entrepreneur, Nathan Jamail has developed a playbook of techniques and best practices, which have allowed hundreds of sales teams to find success in their selling.

About the Author: For more than two decades Nathan Jamail has either been setting sales records, or training others on how to do so.


Incredibly practical… I have a to do list of things to implement. A lot of common sense stuff but written in a way that motivates to get the ball rolling. — Tim Neff
A great read for anyone in leadership, not just sales.

11. Selling 101: What Every Successful Sales Professional Needs to Know by Zig Ziglar

Synopsis: Here in a short, compact and concise format is the basics of how to persuade more people more effectively, more ethically, and more often. Ziglar draws from his fundamental selling experiences and shows that while the fundamentals of selling may remain constant, sales people must continue learning, living, and looking: learning from the past without living there; living in the present by seizing each vital moment of every single day; and looking to the future with hope, optimism, and education.


I really enjoyed this book. It’s a quick read, and packed with concrete advice. So many of the books I read for work are just about positive thinking and vague philosophies, this book gives you a step-by step process to handle any customer, as well as helping you get in the proper mindset before making a sale. — Maria Arnt

12. Deal with It! by Jeff Shore

Synopsis: Master some of the toughest situations you’ll ever face in a new home sales office. “Deal With It!” is a resource book for the new home sales professional who is looking to step up their game by turning tough sales office challenges into selling and service opportunities.

About the Author: Jeff Shore is a highly sought-after sales expert, author, speaker and consultant. For more than three decades, Jeff has guided executives and sales teams in large and small companies across the globe to embrace their discomforts and deliver BOLD sales results. In a crowded field of sales experts and training programs, Jeff Shore stands out with his research-based BE BOLD methodology.


This book is a fabulous tool for both new home sales professionals and sales managers. It is concise, relevant and useful. How refreshing to have real help laid out in an entertaining and applicable way without clutter or ego… this is great for leading sales meetings, or for self help. BUY TWO — one for you, one to share. — Tammy Blount

13. The Accidental Sales Manager: How to Take Control and Lead Your Sales Team to Record Profits by Chris Lytle

Synopsis: Key skills to make sales managers better developers of salespeople Get out of the firefighting business and into the business of developing the people who develop your profits. Successful salespeople rightfully become sales managers because of superior sales records. Yet too often these sales stars get stuck doing their old sales job while also trying to juggle their manager role, and too often companies neglect to train their sales managers how to excel as managers. That’s the “sales management trap,” and it’s exactly what The Accidental Sales Manager addresses and solves.

About the Author: CHRIS LYTLE is the president of Sparque, Inc. An acclaimed leader in sales training, he has conducted more than 2,100 seminars worldwide. He is the author of The Accidental Salesperson and The Accidental Sales Manager.


A great book. It’s practical and loaded with useful information. If you want to be a sales achiever, this book is a must have for your sales library. — Dave Warawa

14. Sales Blazers: 8 Goal-Shattering Strategies from the World’s Top Sales Leaders by Mark Cook

Synopsis: The challenge: achieve high-level growth on an annual basis. Every sales professional faces it. Mark Cook, a growth leadership consultant for leading performance improvement company O.C. Tanner, called on top sales earners at leading organizations worldwide to discover their secrets for sales success. The results revealed trailblazing strategies for dramatic growth — which can be repeated by salespeople at any level and used to lead sales and support teams in any industry.

About the Author: Mark Cook is a sought-after and compelling keynote speaker, author, and advisor on growth leadership around the world. Cook has deep leadership experience in sales and marketing at FranklinCovey, Center 7, and now, O.C. Tanner- — the revered performance and recognition company behind the bestselling Carrot Management titles and One-Page Project Manager.


I have given out a stack of these books to my sales team. Mark Cook has not only outlined a road map to make any sales person better, but also provides enough details to allow even a rookie to succeed. Once you start reading the book, you will be compelled to complete it as soon as possible,so that you can implement the plan. This was the first book in over 5 years that I felt addressed the needs of the salesman, sales manager, and leadership, while motivating all of them to set higher goals and be able to achieve them. Remarkable achievement! — R. Highfill

15. Tough Market New Home Sales by Jeff Shore

Synopsis: You have made great sales in a strong market but what about when the market is tough? Jeff Shore blazes a new trail for sales counselors with techniques designed specifically for the most difficult markets! More than just a survival guide, Tough Market New Home Sales provides revolutionary strategies for counselors who want to face challenges head-on and achieve thriving sales.

About the Author: Jeff Shore is a highly sought-after sales expert, author, speaker and consultant. For more than three decades, Jeff has guided executives and sales teams in large and small companies across the globe to embrace their discomforts and deliver BOLD sales results. In a crowded field of sales experts and training programs, Jeff Shore stands out with his research-based BE BOLD methodology.


Jeff has taken many tried and true selling techniques and given them an updated twist. This book is written so you want to continue reading the next chapter; definitey an easy read, finally a book on sales techiques you can’t wait to finish! Chapters are well defined, if you have a particular problem you can hone in on a specific chapter. Kudos to Jeff for another great tool for our sales offices! — Barbara

16. The Sales Leaders Workbook by Nathan Jamail

Synopsis: This workbook works in conjunction with The Sales Leaders Playbook. Reading the playbook and completing the exercises in this workbook will help you develop the skills you need to build a winning team. These exercises are not based on theory, but rather on proven techniques and practices that have allowed hundreds of sales teams to find success!

About the Author: For more than two decades Nathan Jamail has either been setting sales records, or training others on how to do so.


I bought this because I bought the audio book which was excellent — I have been in and out of sales management through out my career. I wanted to capture the techniques and apply them to my sales team. This is an excellent tool. — Kenley Vogt

17. See You at the Top: 25th Anniversary Edition by Zig Ziglar

Synopsis: For more than three decades, Zig Ziglar, one of the great motivators of our age, has traveled the world, encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring audiences. His groundbreaking best-seller, See You at the Top, remains an authentic American classic. This revised and updated edition stresses the importance of honesty, loyalty, faith, integrity, and strong personal character.


This book will never be out dated. The ideas, philosophies, and metaphors will stay with you for life and can be applied anywhere. Zig is real, down to earth, and offers no excuses and doesn’t allow you to offer them to achieve the successes that life has to offer. The book builds, helping the reader to better different areas of their life one at a time, ultimately building to the whole person. This book is never done, because you can always pick it right back up at anytime and start again. — Ramon

18. Perspectives on Increasing Sales by Marvin Miletsky and James A. Callander

Synopsis: Who’s the real sales expert: the salesperson or the consumer? Each has a different approach to effective sales and what will really move the consumer to take action. Each approaches buying and selling from a different angle — a different perspective — and without understanding both points of view, the picture is never fully complete. Perspectives on Increasing Sales is the first book to offer both sides of the story.


This is a very useful book. The two authors, one a seasoned salesman and one a veteran buyer were given the same 97 questions on selling. They penned their answers without consulting each other. The learning enshrined in these answers is priceless. You get firsthand the duality of the buy- sell process and the hidden buyers side. The insights into what is really important to the buyer vs what the seller believes is unique. If you buy or sell things , are a rookie or a pro, there is a lot here for everyone. This book is timely and a definite add to my sales library shelf. It is an easy read that I could not put down. — Reg Nordman

19. Changing the Sales Conversation by Linda Richardson

Synopsis: In this era of iPads, iPhones, and apps, sales communications may be growing, but sales conversations are dying — and so are too many sales. Globalization, the explosion in competition, the slow economy, and fast-emerging technologies all have changed buying habits. Salespeople can no longer rely on the traditional sales methodologies. They must change the conversation.

About the Author: Linda Richardson is the founder of Richardson, a global sales performance company where she serves as executive chairwoman. She consults with sales organizations and sales leadership on sales process and sales effectiveness. She teaches sales and management courses at the Wharton Graduate School of the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton Executive Development Center. Her last book, Perfect Selling, was a New York Times bestseller and received the SBA gold medal for best sales book. Richardson is credited with starting the consultative sales movement, which has guided most sales methodologies used by companies for the past few decades. Changing the Sales Conversation takes consultative selling to the next level to enable salespeople to succeed in the internet influenced sales environment.


I am a long-time, diehard fan of Linda Richardson’s work. So I was eagerly anticipating this book but also a big skeptical — after all, how often can one person offer truly new breakthroughs and fresh ideas? My concern has that Linda, a pioneer in both sales coaching and in consultative selling, would be held back by her own previous works.
Happily, I was wrong. There are a great many new ideas and fresh perspectives in Changing the Sales Conversation. As she’s done in earlier works, Linda offers a solid foundation of research and credible arguments for every point she makes. She connects the dots between articles and studies and predictions you may have heard elsewhere to assemble the “what this means to you” that sellers need now.
What I like best about this book are the clear contrasts between what sellers needed to do just a few years ago and what they need to do now and into the future. One page offers 15 very specific contrasts about the new approach to gaining knowledge (e.g. “from features and benefits to risk and value,” and “from pitching to collaborative teaching”). It all centers on changing the dialogue between the seller and the buyer, and Linda lays out why and how to do this. — Kdaracal

20. The Inside Game: How to Become a Top Performing Salesperson and Enjoy Every Step of the Way by Mark Shriner

Synopsis: The “Inside Game” was designed to show you how to become a top performing salesperson and enjoy every step of the way. It will show you how to immediately move forward on the road to achieving record sales, and how seemingly difficult sales tasks such as cold calling and networking can actually be quite enjoyable.

About the Author: Mark Shriner has been a top-performing salesperson for over 20 years. He has successfully sold B2B services such as print and online advertising, IT services, and BPOs, as well as personal services, including financial planning and life insurance. He has worked in the U.S. and throughout Asia in a variety of positions, including sales director, regional and international sales manager, country manager, and CEO Asia Pacific. In every position, Mark has used the methods and techniques outlined in this book to help him and his teams be top performers.


I highly recommend this book. Its thoughtful and concise writing style is helpful in explaining an often-overlooked factor in achieving record sales — attitude and its impact on performance. The author, a top performing sales professional himself, helps the reader appreciate first what is happening inside and how this might be turned to advantage. Then he smartly moves to breaking down the practical activities every sales person should and can do well, and explains how these daily sales activities and the mindset we all need to reach our goals are linked in a feedback loop. If you want to make record sales and have fun along the road, this book is for you. — Ronny Flanders

21. Great Salespeople Aren’t Born, They’re Hired: The Secrets To Hiring Top Sales Professionals by Joseph Miller and Patrick Longo

Synopsis: Sales is the most important function to any enterprise, but small business owners and entrepreneurs have no idea how to hire salespeople, let alone hire GREAT salespeople. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners often hire salespeople based on their work experience at large corporations, or they hire salespeople based on “feelings.” These common mistakes often become the reason small businesses fail within their first five years. Great Salespeople Aren’t Born, They’re Hired shares the secrets of hiring great salespeople for small businesses


This book is packed with a plan to help you determine “who” you are looking for and then how to find them. It starts out a little slow, but it has a clearly defined plan for determining the type of person you are looking for and then shows you step by step how to go about hiring that person. As the owner of a very small firm this was by far one of the most helpful books I have ever read on hiring. I appreciated that the author laid out a plan, and alomst always gave a concrete example of each step. I felt really conifdent about searching for my new salesperson after I read his book. Some of his techniques seem a little (okay, maybe a lot) unusual, but they work. All of the techniques can be used by companies large and small. If you are looking to hire a great salesperson, this is a book you should own. I know that I will make a better hire than I EVER have in my 20 years of business after reading this book, and it will be someone who is a perfect fit for my firm. He also has a very brief section on compensaton (and I mean two paragraphs) that really hits the nail on the head. — J. Gates

22. Seven Figure Selling: Proven Secrets to Success from Top Sales Professionals by Danielle Kennedy

Synopsis: Learn the sales strategies that can truly lead to surpassing $1,000,000 sales goals! Candid stories from legendary sales professionals — like Jenny Craig of Jenny Craig International, Fred Segal of Fred Segal Stores, Gert Boyle of Columbia Sportswear, and many more — offer new insight into the tactical strategies and “out-of-the-box” thinking that set them leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.

About the Author: Danielle Kennedy, a sales legend in her own right, pulls the “best of the best” success stories into one dynamic resource giving you all the tools you need to launch your sales career into another dimension!


Great read and lots of good information that I will use. — Kathy Robinson

23. The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson

Synopsis: What’s the secret to sales success? If you’re like most business leaders, you’d say it’s fundamentally about relationships-and you’d be wrong. The best salespeople don’t just build relationships with customers. They challenge them.

The need to understand what top-performing reps are doing that their average performing colleagues are what drove Matthew Dixon, Brent Adamson, and their colleagues at CEB to investigate the skills, behaviors, knowledge, and attitudes that matter most for high performance. And what they discovered may be the biggest shock to conventional sales wisdom in decades.

About the Authors: Brent Adamson is managing director of executive advisory services at CEB. In that role, he serves as the Councils’ chief story teller, having worked on numerous sales and marketing studies broadly spanning everything from customer loyalty to sales rep performance to organizational productivity.

Matt Dixon, managing director of strategic research at CEB, has an unrelenting drive to find the answers to questions senior executives often take for granted. For more than 15 years, Matt has worked to uncover truths behind many pillars of conventional wisdom that is costing companies dearly in terms of wasted money and lost market opportunity.


The good news about The Challenger Sale is that Dixon and Adamson further the concept of consultative selling. Even better, in my estimation, is that the authors seemed to use some solid data on which to base their theories. I like some of their approach such as, “Lead to your solution not with your solution,” and “Differentiate yourself by showing your customer something new about their industry that they didn’t know or provide them with a different view.” I believe the authors also get it right when they state, “In this world of dramatically changing customer buying behavior and rapidly diverging sales talent, your sales approach must evolve or you will be left behind.”
However, they missed an opportunity to move complex sales to the next level. By complex sales, I mean to segregate commodity sales from the intangible products and services that require trust. And by the next level, I mean a salesperson who authentically has the customer’s best interest at heart and not just their own.
The subtitle of this book is “Taking control of the customer conversation.” As though to inoculate themselves from criticism, the authors state that they know some people will interpret this statement as being “arrogant” while stating that it isn’t. They also speak about “educating the customer” and recognize that the same interpretation may be made about that point as well. Indeed, this reader believes that the mindset of a salesperson who takes it upon themselves to control the conversation and educate the customer/client is absolutely being arrogant. The authors seem to give short shrift to the human capacity to sense when they are being talked down to or manipulated. — Dave Kinnear

24. The Challenger Customer by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson

Synopsis: It turns out only a very specific type of customer stakeholder has the credibility, persuasive skill, and will to effectively challenge his or her colleagues to pursue anything more ambitious than the status quo. These customers get deals to the finish line far more often than friendlier stakeholders who seem so receptive at first. In other words, Challenger sellers do best when they target Challenger customers.

About the Authors: Pat Spenner is a Strategic Initiatives Leader in the Marketing practice at CEB, where he variously spends his time on research, new product development and thought leadership. Since joining CEB in 2005, Pat has overseen membership programs serving the needs of Chief Marketing Officers, Corporate Communications executives and Marketing Communications executives.

Nick Toman oversees the CEB Sales Practice supporting over 800 sales organizations globally. For the past decade, he has conducted numerous research studies in the space of customer service and sales effectiveness. Nick has been published numerous times in the Harvard Business Review, is a co-author of The Effortless Experience (Penguin, 2013), The Challenger Customer (Penguin, 2015), and a principle contributor to The Challenger Sale (Penguin, 2011). Nick is a frequent contributor for a number of blogs, including that of the Harvard Business Review and Freakonomics. Nick currently resides in Northern Virginia, with his wife and son.


Challenger Customer is a needed follow on to the Challenger Sale. As usual, the authors base their approach on deep research, much of which presents some counterintuitive results. From there, they develop intriguing observations and recommendations about: Buyer dysfunctionality — and the difficulty buyers have in making buying decisions; can most effectively help the customers reach decisions — and who has the most impact within the customer to facilitate the process. They end with marketing, with good discussions on how we may present insight gaining and nurturing customer interest through the buying cycle.
This really is three books in one, if there is any disappointment, each of the three areas outlined above could have had much deeper discussions. But the authors succeed in getting the reader to think about buyers differently, reassessing how we maximize our effectiveness and impact through all stages of the buying cycle.
Like the Challenger Sale, while many of the concepts are not new, the authors manage to package and present it in a way that’s fresh, stimulates needed discussion in the community, and gets the reader to reassess and rethink “conventional approaches.” It’s a must read for any fan of their work and a must read for any thoughtful business, marketing and sales professional. — David Brock

25. Agile Selling by Jill Konrath

Synopsis: When salespeople are promoted, switch jobs, or face new business conditions, they need to learn lots of new information and skills quickly. It’s a daunting task, compounded by the fact that they’re under intense pressure to deliver immediate results.

What Jill Konrath calls agile selling is the ability to quickly learn all this new info and then leverage it for maximum impact. Having an agile mindset, one that keeps you going through challenging times, is the crucial starting point. You also need a rapid-learning plan that helps you establish situational credibility with your targeted or existing customers in just thirty days.

In Agile Selling, you’ll discover numerous strategies to help you become an overnight sales expert, slashing your path to proficiency. Jill Konrath’s fresh sales strategies, provocative insights, and practical advice help sellers win business with today’s crazy-busy prospects.

About the Author: Jill Konrath is a globally recognized sales acceleration strategist, author and speaker. Her fresh strategies, provocative insights & practical advice help sellers close more deals faster in today’s ever-changing sales world.


Agile Selling is a great new resource for sales people and for sales leadership. As a sales leader in both F500 and mid-market companies, responsible for teams ranging from a couple people to over a 1,000, I wish I had this book 10 years ago!
Sales leaders are a practical people and prefer practical advice. Agile Selling is a resource that helps us create immediate value and support for our most competitive asset — our sales team. Learning what’s most important quickly helps position us to win faster. While it is always about creating and delivering compelling value, time is of the essence. The learning strategies and framework in the book are easy and can be used today.
In addition to learning faster, the need for sales development and continually refreshing sales habits is critical to achieving sustainable, high performance. The success habits chapters give practical counsel and tools. Coaching, supporting and ensuring great habits are being exercised daily help everyone on the team win.
My favorite part of the book is about an agile sales mindset. Jill gives us a way to support a sales rep with their goals, their progress, how they process a problem or overcome a deal set back. Deal coaching is an art in of it self, but it begins and ends with expanding the conversation to solve, imagining possibilities and creating forward progress.
I highly recommend this book to sales leaders looking for ways to help their teams sell more, faster. Great book, thanks Jill! — Nancee Ronning

26. Snap Selling by Jill Konrath

Synopsis: Internationally recognized sales strategist Jill Konrath shows how to overcome customer hesitation to get more appointments, speed up decisions, and win sales. Drawing on her years of selling experience, as well as the stories of other successful sellers, she offers four SNAP rules: Keep It Simple: Make things easy and clear for your customers. Be iNvaluable: Stand out by being the person your customers can’t live without. Always Align: Make sure you’re in synch with your customers’ objectives, issues, and needs. Raise Priorities: Keep the most important decisions at the forefront of their mind.


I have never made it a secret that I think there are too many books on selling which are of little help to sellers. Those written form the point of view: “This is what made me successful and I see no reason, why this should not work for you too” I find the least useful.
SNAP Selling by Jill Konrath, is definitely not of this category. It is a book on sales that is urgently needed. It provides sellers with a set of strategies and tactics enabling them to speed up sales and win more business based on a solid framework. Contrary to many other sales books I have read, SNAP Selling spells out clearly for what type of prospects/customers these strategies and rules should be applied.
In the words of the author, today’s customers are frazzled. Time is their most precious commodity. They consider buying as a disruptive act eating into their most precious resource. Even if the status quo is far from optimal; they prefer to stay with it as long as they ever can. They dread the effort and time in it will take to align their organization in agreeing to do something different. They are also fearful about making risky decision that could negatively impact their career.
We should not be mistaken in the hope that these characteristics of customers are of a temporary nature caused by the crisis for which we see signs, that the worst might now be over. The current status is the new normal and the pressure to do more with less will continue.
From the above definition of the customer, we can conclude that the book is about how to sell solutions and services considered a major purchase by the customer in the B2B context.
- Christian Maurer

27. The Sales Acceleration Formula by Mark Roberge

Synopsis: Use data, technology, and inbound selling to build a remarkable team and accelerate sales. The Sales Acceleration Formula provides a scalable, predictable approach to growing revenue and building a winning sales team. Everyone wants to build the next $100 million business and author Mark Roberge has actually done it using a unique methodology that he shares with his readers. As an MIT alum with an engineering background, Roberge challenged the conventional methods of scaling sales utilizing the metrics-driven, process-oriented lens through which he was trained to see the world. In this book, he reveals his formulas for success. Readers will learn how to apply data, technology, and inbound selling to every aspect of accelerating sales, including hiring, training, managing, and generating demand.

About the Author: MARK ROBERGE served as HubSpot’s SVP of Worldwide Sales and Services from 2007 to 2013, scaling the customer base from 1 to over 12,000 and his staff from one to hundreds of employees. Mark holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and an engineering degree from Lehigh University. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Inc Magazine, The Boston Globe, and Harvard Business Review. Mark currently serves as the Chief Revenue Officer of the HubSpot Sales Division.


This is the missing link in a complete inbound strategy. I am both Inbound and Hubspot certified and a huge Hubspot user and advocate of inbound marketing. If you are currently doing content marketing/inbound marketing, you need to read or listen to this book because it provides a huge piece that has been missing from all of the books and training out there, sales strategy for inbound. I love how he really gets into the weeds and provides tactical concepts and ideas that you can implement as well as high-level strategies. As somone who is so passionate about inbound, a lot of what he talked about clicked and we’re excited to implement it all. While it’s not required, I highly recommend if you have not already, read Inbound Marketing by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah or become Inbound certified by Hubspot (for free), as it will help you understand in great detail how Hubspot generates the leads that Mark sells to in these books. — Will Curran

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