The secret industry no one is paying attention to.

If anyone were to ask me for some career advice. I would tell them to become teachers. Today people are so hungry for knowledge and the platforms are limitless. Courses and Podcasts can create 20,000 dollars to 500k for one launch. Jeff Walker is the god father of launching courses. They call him the 500 Million Dollar Man. The reason why I love business is because. You don not need to carry any inventory and you are selling a solution with your story. You dont have to be great writer. I learned the better the story and original. You will build your tribe. Since these sites are creating infopreneurs who sell information which it make it easy for anyone to create online courses with out any tech back ground. Authors like Lewis Howes Gary Vaynerchuk Amy Porterfield Nathan Chan Bryan Harris are cashing in a Niche. Online learning is bigger than oil energy and cocaine combined. There are so many hungry people who want to learn and the demand is so high and supply is so low.

Check out the people who I mentioned

Im a big fan of podcasts, online courses.

John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on fire is the guy who is killing it!