The world needs your truth

I have always been on a search. My mind my spirit was always curious with questions put me on quest for answers. I always look for why am I here? What are my secret orders? What is spirit leading me to? As an onion the layers peel off and I feel I finally get down to an answer that hopefully satisfies me. Im staring at my ceiling and Im like NAH…. that ain’t it. So thats practically been my life from the day I realized consciousness. I was conscious there was something bigger then the world, something bigger than the cosmos, something infinite that really gave me clarity. I felt my journey was to find that one thing. The one thing that will change me and that I can share and give it away. The one thing that that will will be the answer to life’s problems and questions. At the time my vocabulary was limited. So i searched and searched. I manifested created chaos and bliss like a roller coaster up and down beating me down for the aha moment and epiphany. It happened this morning while I stumbled upon Danielle Laporte interview on her story. Her words were like the bible. I dont read the bible. But if it were rewritten she would be quoted. I always believed in this quote “ When the student is ready the teacher appears” BOOM I finally got it. I saw her life had a similar pattern to mine, also her being a fellow gemini I resonated more to her story. Hands down she is now my favorite new author. My take away from this revelation is and so simple . I put words to a meaning to purpose. It goes down to this. It goes back to the concept of source ‘aka””universe” “god”. I am here to be real. Being real, speaking my truth. Im going to quote Danielle Laporte “ Tell the truth and tell it fast”