What does it mean to be data-driven?

Firstly it is worth noting that being data-driven is about changing and/or challenging the culture and the ways in which you and your organisation works. It’s about making decisions based on data rather than gut feelings or historical reasoning. Wikipedia defines it as the following:

Being data-driven means that progress…

Part I: An Introduction to ML Products

T-SNE of Products Shape and Colour by Eddie Bell

This post is part of a series, in which I describe what machine learning based products are, and a suggest a framework for building these types of products.

In the first post, I describe the difference between Analytics / Business Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning. Giving an example a…

I’ve recently finished an interview where I was asked how I could kill their product.

The questions really took me by total surprise, as this is normally the opposite to what you are asked to do as a product manager. However, I came out of the interview, having felt that…

Jon Hurlock

Product Owner at Ex @MutualArt, @ASOS, @Lyst / @makinglyst . Interested in web tech, data science, machine learning and HCI.

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