Mission: Let’s Hype Discord in Finland

I‘ve been using Discord, a communication platform, since Summer 2015. When I started to use Discord, I had some expectations. Let’s just say Discord absolutely destroyed them in a positive way.

Discord has released and planning features I’d had never dared to ask for. I’d had been totally happy with just servers and calls. But seriously, a great API and webhooks? It’s just a developer’s dream. I’m not a developer — but I’m currently studying to be one. I’m totally going to start coding a bot during this year, just when I have done my duty in the Defence Forces of Finland in Summer.

The HypeSquad

I have also joined Discord’s HypeSquad. Spreading the word about Discord is something I have done since I started using the platform. I had no reason to not send a HypeSquad application. In HypeSquad our mission is to spread the word about Discord — basically, continue doing what I have been doing for a while now but on a bigger scale.

HypeSquad is something where I see lots of awesome possibilities. For example, Twitch recently announced something called community meetups. If somebody combined hyping Discord and Twitch meetups, that would lead to something. Somebody just needs to organize this stuff. And that’s something I’m aiming to do.

At the moment Finland’s HypeSquad is organizing itself. We’ve been creating a backbone for us in a form of Discord server. That’s something we haven’t released for public use yet but I’m super excited about it.

Our Discord server will be the channel to share Discord related information in Finnish. As HypeSquad we want to offer reliable information about Discord, HypeSquad, and partnerships. We also want to help users to find other Finnish communities more easily. Of course we love to chat with other Finnish Discord users too.

The Future

We’ll see in the future what will be the fate of Finnish HypeSquad. My personal mission is to build a foundation where it’s easier to develop the HypeSquad. After building the foundation it’s easier to go on offensive.

The next step in my to-do list is establishing a connection between the Finnish HypeSquad and Discord. I feel a good connection is something we need to gain our full potential. I don’t know yet what will be our full potential but we will see it eventually.

Discord has really awesome features in active development and I’m really hyped about them. I’m really excited about our hype server and Discord’s future. Stay tuned!

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