When ‘Work’ is no longer work
Gianpaolo Barozzi

Hi, I enjoyed the presentation at the Drucker Forum.

There are some nice ideas in here — I use a similar model to your 2x2 though I think all four quadrants will provide opportunities in the future of work, not just A2. I like the teams of networks as a complement to Bersin’s networks of teams.

I also think this quadrant needs to refer to talent networks not just talent platforms. These will work for commodity working but I’m still not convinced they offer much for value creating skills and activities — whether that is a business focusing on exploration vs exploitation — or an individual wanting to engage in this way.

As I’ve posted previously, I certainly want to continue developing relationships with potential clients and discussing what we might be able to do together. By the time an activity is broken down and put up on a talent platform it’s too late to add value to it.

Perhaps you need a few more autonomous workers in your team to give you a perspective from this side of the arrangement too?

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