I Can’t Do It - I Want to Give Up

I want to give up, because there is just too much to read in the driver handbook. Who needs to know the shapes and colors of road signs? Or penalties for different traffic violations? Isn’t that just useless information? Not to mention driver points.

I want to give up. I mean, who needs a driver’s license anyway? Isn’t it smarter to just wait until they have cars that drive themselves?

I want to give up, because I was never any good at tests. Honest to god, I’ve failed enough times. I know the feeling, and it is a bad one.

I want to give up, because questions on the practice tests are too hard. I click on the right answer, and it tells me I’m wrong. It’s like being slapped on the fingers, over and over.

I’m Scared and Hate Working Hard

I want to give up, because I fear the DMV. They have a long list of rules and papers I need to show. I suck when it comes to paperwork. They are going to send me back home because I don’t have everything in order. That’s what they always do.

I want to give up, because I hate working hard. My nature is to follow the easiest, friction free path. I want to be lazy. Staying in bed all day seems like a much better idea. Need my beauty sleep. Don’t I?

I want to give up, because I don’t have any money. No money, no car. So, why do I need a driver’s license? Makes no sense.

I want to give up, because life isn’t fair. Others manage to pass their tests so easily. Why do I need to struggle more? Why give a damn?

I want to give up, because I am no Einstein. So, what’s the point? My brain is constantly fogged up. I just can’t get things into that brain. No space left, I guess.

Sounds Familiar?

You’ve read this far. Do things sound familiar?

Well, we don’t give up, do we?

Wanting to quit is okay. Being tired and scared is okay. The feeling of not being good enough is experienced by everyone at one point or another. It is not the same thing as being a quitter.

The hard work is real. If you expect to master things within the first few minutes of trying, you’re going to be disappointed every time. You will make fewer mistakes on your practice test, the more you practice. The dots will start to connect. Rules will become logical and make sense. Road signs become familiar. You will get the hang of things, if you persist and keep at it.

A driver’s license is good to have.