The Art of How to Approach Women

How to make him want you more? I get asked that constantly. Women spend of a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what it is that will make their guy go gaga over their relationship, and more importantly the girl herself. This leads to an abundance of speculation between women and their friends, which often times is Système Délivrance Contre La Dysfonction Erectile based around the media, television shows and pop music. The truth is, ladies, there are five sure-fire ways to make him want you, and none of them have anything to do with the cast of Grey’s Anatomy. The reality is that men think much differently than women, and we interpret situations and circumstances much differently as well. This leads to many of the “timeless” arguments between men and women, but just understand some of these simple differences from a man’s point of view will help you immensely.

We men know that it is absolutely in your nature to talk more than we do, and honestly we’re used to it. What we would like in return, however, is for you to allow us the time to talk about anything we would like, without interjecting. If your guy begins a story about a conversation he had with his mother, it is not acceptable to jump in and ask how she’s doing, or if she has talked to anyone else in the family lately about an upcoming event. You will have your chance to ask questions, add comments and regale us with your superior family dynamics after we are finished. This applies to work, friends and general stories about anything that happened while we were not together.

Early in my own marriage, my wife and I would discuss our day when we got home. I should say that I mostly listened to her talk about her day, and I usually gave a two-sentence summary of my day. I was fine with this, by the way; I knew my wife liked to talk about her day as a way of blowing off some steam. But, it was unavoidably becoming a drag for me to hear her complain about her day every single evening. So finally I told her that we needed to spend more time talking about positive or just lighter topics. I didn’t want to quit talking to her at night, it just needed to be less intense so that I didn’t get sick of it.

Talking with her helped her see that it was becoming a drag to have to listen to her complain, and it really helped our evening ritual of interacting become more positive instead of negative.

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