I’m going to Bootcamp!

Coding Bootcamp that is…

I’ve been having some amazing success while studying web development solo. However, life gets in the way, and there have been several times when I’ve had to take a pause from learning to deal with life’s challenges. I’ve often dreamt of going back to school or going to a coding bootcamp, but (a) I already have a 4-year degree and I question the wisdom of getting another one (time and expense) and (b) coding bootcamps are prohibitively expensive.

What I really need is an intensive, immersive learning experience where I can focus on my learning from real in-person instructors, and have something to put on my resume at the end of it (resume cred!). What I really need is a way to attend a bootcamp for little to no money.

Enter The Iron Yard. I found out from a friend who works there that there is a new scholarship fund (more like a block grant) from the White House which is for students like me who are also part of a class of diversity students (women, etc). I applied, and, boom! — I’m in!

I’ll start either next week (9/25/2016) or in January 2017. I can start next week if the scholarship gets funded in time. Otherwise, it’s January.