I redesigned the USPS package delivery slip.
Aliza Aufrichtig

Aliza, well done. Good hierarchy, readability, and decision making. I worked in the package delivery business for a number of years before entering the world of design. Confusion at this critical point of the customer experience is common. It usually comes down to one of two faults. The delivery notice is cryptic and difficult to understand, or the customer refuses to carefully read the text heavy notice no matter how well designed/organized it is. As a former delivery person using these notifications, I can tell you that speed is everything to a successful day. The section in your redesigned notice where the delivery driver is supposed to fill in the customer name, address, and the sender’s name and address will probably not get utilized. Simple dates and checkmarks are about as much a driver will be willing to fill out. 25 to 30 times a day. I hope this helps bring some insight, again well done.

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