This week I began to feel a overwhelming sense of Joy in God. I don’t know what it is or where it came from but my heart feels light like its ready to accept anything in my path. I feel joyful for once.

I was once told that being Joyful ISN’T just being happy or being carefree because everything is good in your life, its also being joyful when the bad things come as well. Its to have the mindset that no matter what the bad is in our lives that God is still there and that should put our hearts at ease because of the great plan he has for us. For me I STRUGGLE with that aspect a lot; like how can I find joy right now when I cannot even financial support myself, like I don’t feel any joy or happiness but this week I was reminded of that joy through the hardship.

This week I want to really give a special shoutout to my friends Jay Park, Brian Lee, and Albert Kim. Now whether or not you guys read this or not know this, I truly appreciate all of you and in my sadness and hardships you guys have been consistently there for me as BROTHERS of my life. Giving me hope and reminders life is meant to be hard but as a community anything can be done. THIS IS JOY.

I can find my confidence in Him through the people around me and isn’t that a bit of what the gospel teaches us? To build each other up and to make sure we are the rods and staff of each others lives, making sure we are accountable for ourselves and for our friends/families but to be tough because we love each other that much that our mistakes will be known so that we can change ourselves. Its amazing what TRUE LOVE can look like. THIS IS JOY.

I want to remind those people who are in times of hardships that life is going to get better no matter how you see it. You have to do your part in this life whether that is to be a A+ student or the best employee of your company, we all have a job to carry but in the end GOD is our guide. Joy isn’t happiness in our lives solely but rather Joy in Him is the reason we continue everyday whether its hard or easy. I am not perfect and there are days I question the Joy but I don’t doubt that God is showing/revealing his plan for me.

Have faith and in His name you will find peace.

Peace y’all!